Players you think the Bills missed out on in Free Agency, or who are still available

First, no one but the Saints had a chance at Zach Strief, he turned down offers to visit from teams. He wound up signing for more then I offered in my BROP, but it's back loaded (5 year, first year $2M, last 2 years $5.1M). Would have loved to pick a player like him up, but he wasn't actually on the market unfortunately.


Byrd. Would have liked to have resigned him. Oh well.

Kendrick Lewis. Signed a 1 year deal for $795,000, only $100,000 guaranteed with the Texans. We could have done a similar, slightly better deal with incentives for starting games at Safety and breathed a little easier going into the draft not trying to force picking a FS.

Thomas DeCoud. Recently cut by the Falcons and available. Not sure on him, what are your thoughts?


Akeem Jordan signed with the Redskins for $920,000 on a 1 year deal. I feel like he could have been a great pick up and solid ST contributor. I had him in my BROP on a 2 year deal at $1.1M a year. Worst case scenario, paying someone 900k to be Brandon Spikes back up and help turn STs around isn't bad at all.

Karlos Dansby. I didn't think the Cardinals would let him get away. I would have much rather had him at twice the price than have Spikes. That's ok though, as long as Spikes does what we brought him in to do.

Jordan Senn. I didn't think the Panthers would let him walk. He signed with the Bears on a 1 year deal for $795,000 and would have been a ST contributor (but not much else).


Adam Carriker. DE, Cut from the Redskins, currently still available, former first rounder. I'm guessing he'd be worth bringing in for a visit.


Eben Britton. Another guy from my BROP. He's still on the market. If I were Whaley I'd be picking up the phone and dialing his agent, asking him if he'd like to come to Buffalo for a visit. He'd be good OL depth (having played RT and OG), and is capable of playing a blocking TE. I'd love to see him in camp to push Pears/rookie RT for the starting spot. He could also conceivably take Lee Smith's spot in the lineup while doubling as a backup for any spot on the line besides Center.

Paul McQuinstan. OG, signed with the Browns for 2 years at $1.5M a year. Seems like he would have been a quality starter, even if he'd have been a stop gap solution (he's 30).

David Stewart. Just cut in a cap move by the Titans. He's over 30, and his last contract was expensive, but I could see OBD reaching out to his agent to see how much he's looking for.

Jonathan Martin. Hear me out here. The 49ers picked him up for a conditional pick that presumably only gives the Dolphins something if he ends up making the team (7th?) and the amount of playing time (could go as high as a 5th?). I feel like that would have been an easy deal to make. If he doesn't make the team, the Dolphins would get nothing, and in the meantime we'd have another RT to bring into camp.


Charles Tillman. Another guy from my BROP. Signed a 1 year deal for $3M. My BROP had a 2 year $5M a year deal. Not sure he was ever actually on the market. I'm completely cool with having Corey Graham instead anyways.

Zackary Bowman. Another guy from my BROP. Still on the market. CB depth and ST contributor. Not insinuating I would have liked to see him over Corey Graham, but rather in addition to.

Chris Cook. Signed with the 49ers, 1 year, $730,000. Would have been good depth. Not insinuating I would have liked to see him over Corey Graham, but rather in addition to.


Brandon Weeden. Hear me out. He signed a 2 year deal with the Cowboys, no money guaranteed for $615,000 a year. I would bring him in and tell Manuel to step up. Him beating out another first round draft pick should boost his confidence. Hell, I think Thad would beat Weeden too. Tuel, probably not. But I'm completely cool with putting him on the practice squad and putting a real QB in as our 3rd string option.

What are your thoughts? Which players do you think the Bills missed out on that were correctly priced or under priced. If you really think Revis is worth $12M a year, good for you, chances are most of you don't mind OBD not going after him in FA. Which FAs still available would you be calling their agents right this second if you were GM?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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