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Hey Fellow Rumblers

1. I wanted to post a few things as we wait for the draft. With Mr Wilson's passing, the Bills are on the clock for the fans to step up. We need to show anyone who is considering buying the team that the fan base is strong here and will be for a long long time. We have a strong regional draw and need to keep growing to turn this fan base from a small market team to a medium sized fan base in all of the territories we have expanded to.

2. I hope this fixes the defense. I don't know if the 43 is better then the 34, but, that is what we are playing and I think it is the players that are more important then the scheme personally. I think this team has a lot of great core guys from Kyle Williams, Mario Williams, Dareus, Kiko, Spikes, and perhaps Aaron Williams has found his spot at safety. Toss in guys that might be able to step up like Gilmore, Leo, Lawson and Rivers, and Corey on defense and some decent depth behind them.

3. In my opinion, it's the backups that determine if a club will be successful in any year b/c injuries happen. The stars need to stay healthy and the backups need to step up when called upon.

4. Ej don't have to be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, or even Big Ben, or Eli Manning. All he has to be is okay. He has to be Russell Wilson. I might take some heat for this, but, I really believe that if Ryan Fitzpatrick was QB of the Seahawks that he would have won the SB last year. Wilson didn't have to be amazing last year, all he had to be was solid and make a few plays a game. He had a D that could take over games. I think we are built much like they are. We need to get better at CB and S, but, their front 7 is (IMO) as strong as any team's front 7, IF they can stay healthy. IMO 5 of the Bills front 7 is well above average. If they get just average play from one DE and OLB, they can be a strength. They can give EJ time to grow and make mistakes.

5. I think they will draft BPA at the spot they are up. I am not sure if I agree that we need another top tier WR, but, we do need to fix the OL and could use one WR/TE. Here is my opinion of the team:

QB love or hate EJ, he's it. I think the backup is okay, Thad can run the system. I think he can do fine and that EJ will be a quality QB this year, as good as Russell Wilson.

Our HB's are solid, unless Freddie's age hits him, but, that hasn't happened yet, so, I will believe it when I see it.

TE- I'm glad Chandler's back. I do think we should get another top tier TE that can run and block, but, those are hard, perhaps in the draft.

WR I don't know what to think. Was the OL the reason the WR's didn't produce or vise-versa? Or both? I tend to think it was the OL. If that is fixed via the draft and free agency (we got the free agent) and hopefully, we get the T in the draft, then that is fixed, and we have enough depth with the WR's and that the one more guy we sign will be good enough.

OL 3 of the 5 are solid. They signed a guy and I hope that is good enough. The draft should provide the last weak spot, and they have decent depth with Harriston and others.

DL 3 of the 4 are upper tier. I think that means whomever the 4th is will have the least amount of double teams, so, all he has to do is win his 1 on 1 battle. They lack depth, but, lets face it, if one of the 3 is down for a significant time, we are in deep trouble. Upper echelon guys don't get replaced...

LB- the new core is average to above average. Kiko is a stud, and Spikes was the best LB against the run last year. The combo of Lawson/Rivers is average (solid).

I'd be fairly hard pressed to find a better front 7...

DBs are a bit hard to judge. Byrd is gone. That's one large Bird to fill. Aaron Williams had his best year as a pro. The CBs should be solid with Leo, Gilmore, Corey and last year's shock and cult hero Robey. There is some depth behind them with Brooks and the draft. Only FS is in doubt here, so, lets hope.

K should be a great battle and P needs to be upgraded, LS and special teamers are fine.

IMO, this team is playoff ready and with Mr Wilson's passing, this is never been more important. I think the team will be more motivated then ever as his legacy defines this year. All Ej has to do is is best Russell Wilson impersonation and I think the D can carry the day.

Lastly, since Buddy Nix took over and brought in Whaley, never before have we seen such clarity of a plan be implemented. The drafting of the QB was at the right time, and now, the 5 year plan is over. It's here. And we couldn't need it more...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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