2014 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft: help needed

Grant Halverson

Help Matt Millen Brian Galliford make this year's Buffalo Bills pick in the annual SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft. Please. For the sanity of all.

It's that time of the year again. The 2014 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft begins on Wednesday at Noon ET at Mocking the Draft, and for an eighth straight year, I'll be making the picks for the Buffalo Bills. Picks have already been made behind the scenes, and the Bills' No. 9 overall pick will be published next Monday, April 7.

Anyone who has followed Buffalo Rumblings for longer than a few months is keenly aware of my - to put it as light as a feather - brutal draft record. That's particularly true in the first round, where I can honestly say that I am only truly comfortable putting my name behind two of the seven picks that I made, which I've conveniently listed for you below.

Year Rd # Team Player Pos. College
2007 1 10 Buffalo Bills Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
2008 1 11 Buffalo Bills Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
2009 1 11 Buffalo Bills Aaron Maybin DE Penn State
2010 1 9 Buffalo Bills Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
2011 1 3 Buffalo Bills Patrick Peterson CB LSU
2012 1 10 Buffalo Bills Mike Adams OT Ohio State
2013 1 8 Buffalo Bills Jarvis Jones LB Georgia
2014 1 9 Buffalo Bills TO BE DETERMINED

No lie, I am the guy that Matt Millen dreams of being a finalist against for his next NFL GM gig. (But seriously, that first move, in which I flipped what ultimately became the Trent Edwards pick to move ahead of Niners Nation for Willis was my masterstroke. I should've pulled a George Costanza and gotten out of the game right then and there.)

This year, I've already enlisted the help of trusted community members DanRoc and boomsauce on the Bills' first-round pick, so there is some solid groupthink going on with this pick. History may not look back kindly on our work this year, but at least I won't be cramming a Mike Adams pick down your unwelcoming gullets this spring. (The fact that this year's draft class is rather talented helps in that cause.)

But why limit community feedback to just the extremely helpful Dan and Boom? Consider this an opportunity for you to bang the proverbial table for "your guy," the player that you would absolutely love to see the Bills draft with their first-round pick. (No, I can't tell you the names of the four guys that have been picked already behind the scenes, but you all are smart enough to take reasonable stabs at who those players are). I'm pretty well set board-wise, but impassioned pleas will not fall on deaf ears. Who's your guy - or, if you're of the negative persuasion, who shouldn't we be considering?

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