Short N Sweet BROP

Edited to address QB concerns:

Dear Bills Fans,

I'll try to keep things short.

Overall Goal- Field a playoff caliber team.

Offensive Goals-

1. Turn our weak offensive line into one of our strengths by adding a quality RT and LG.

2. Find a new TE.

3. Get a big play making WR.

4. Add a young RB.

Defensive Goals-

1. Add both a veteran S and CB.

2. Find a new MLB, to move Kiko to the weak-side.

3. Add a 4-3 DE for flexibility (I want to be able to run either 3-4 or 4-3 with my personnel).

Concerning the QB position-

My take on the E.J. situation is that if he doesn’t make progress, we want to be as close as possible to the number 1 draft pick. If he doesn’t improve I really don’t want us to do well this year. I can handle one more bad season to get either Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston. So I’m not spending one of my top picks or any serious free agent cash on a backup who might not take one snap. Not only that, but E.J. doesn’t need a veteran QB to motivate him, hes already a hyper motivated individual. Not to mention he was better last year then every free agent QB available. Don’t sleep on Thad Lewis as a backup player either. If E.J. does regress in his second season, I see no point in trying to eek out a extra win or two with a Matt Cassell type. I would look to get a QB prospect in the 5-7 round though if someone I liked was still around.

Coaching Priorities- I've considered replacing OC Nathaniel Hackett. But hes a young guy, I like his attitude and some of his ideas, and its too late in the off-season. He gets one more chance. Special Teams coordinator Danny Crossman has been fired and we snatched Bobby April back from Oakland and signed him to a 2 year deal.

Player Cuts- Like everyone else I'm cutting Kolb, Pears and Legursky. I am also cutting Tony Moeki.

Resigning- Ill be resigning 4 players for a total of about $5 Million a year combined. Alex Carrington(2 years), who has played very well when hes been on the field. Arthur Moats(2 years) who will provide solid LB depth. Dan Carpenter(3 years) who is one the the best kickers in the league. Frank Summers(2 years), solid FB.

Free Agents- This leaves me with about $28 Million in cap room for rookies and free agents according to my calculations.

OG- Jon Asamoah. A young near pro-bowl talent to put next to Cordy Glenn on the left side. We sign him to a 4 year deal worth about $6 million a year.

S- Louies Delmas. Another young near pro-bowl talent to fill the Jairus Byrd Void. 3 years at $5 million a year.

CB- Sam Shields. Great number 1 1/2 CB. 4 years at $5 million a year.

DE- Willie Young. Great 4-3 DE. Can rush the passer and stuff the run. We sign him for 3 years at $5 million a year

WR- Kenny Britt. Big 6'4" WR with lots of talent, but hasn't produced lately. Potential character issues(multiple arrests) so we'll sign him for a 1 year $1 million contract.

*$1 million flex money- originally added Akeem Jordan LB, but have decided his $1 million is more realistically needed to acquire the free agents above.

Draft- I now have $5 million for draft picks and undrafted free agents. If I need space I can free up some money by cutting players, Chris Hairston OT($1.4 million) and Ramses Barden WR ($800,000) come to mind, with several other options in the $400,000-500,000 range. So I actually have plenty of room.

1. Trade down to pick up a late 2nd round pick and draft a RT. Either Taylor Lewan or Zach Martin.

2a. Pickup a TE. Either Austin-Sefarian Jenkins or Troy Niklas.

2b. Pickup a MLB. Ryan Shazier and Chris Borland are two options.

3. Grab your tall play-making WR here. Jordan Matthews, Brandon Coleman are two possibilities here.

4.We'll take our RB of the future Andre Williams with this pick. Such a steal in the fourth.

Rounds 5-7 we will be taking the best player available regardless of position since every hole in the roster has been filled.

Summary: We added 10 potential pro-bowler's to the roster this off-season while filling the gaps at RT, LG, TE, WR, CB, S, MLB and DE. E.J. has an upgraded offensive line and THREE new weapons. Every hole in the defense has been patched and we have the personnel to run either 4-3 or 3-4, with lots of flexibility. The weakest remaining starting players are Manny Lawson at SLB, Craig Urbick at RG and unfortunately E.J. Manuel QB. Given the cast around him this is E.J.s final year to succeed.

Thanks for reading my post!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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