Top Ten Mock Draft

I am off today so why not have a mock draft for some fun. The draft is a month away so things change like everything but this is a good enough time as any to have some fun filled trades in the top ten.

1.) Houston; Blake Bortles. The Texans want to trade down is the rumor but they can't find a dancing partner that meets their demands. The QB position is the best in the league and Bortles has the most upside.

2.) St. Louis trades to Atlanta for the 6th overall and their 2nd and 4th RD picks. Jadeveon Clowney: The Falcons are no strangers for trading in the draft and they don't surprise anyone with this trade. They pick up the best defensive pass rusher prospect in years.

3.) Jacksonville: Khali Mack: The Jags are in need of a QB but are not enamored with any that are left. They take an immediate starter on defense that has the physical skill set to be dominate. Following the model set by the Seahawks and 49ers they will build the defense before bringing in a QB.

4.) Cleveland trades to New England for 29th Patriots 2nd RD this year and 1st RD next year. Sammy Watkins I realize this is not going to happen however who would of thought that the Falcons would of jumped up from the 27th overall a few years ago for Julio Jones. The Browns not being all that taken back from the QBs will address that need in the 2nd RD and pick up more draft picks in a very deep talent draft. The Patriots are on the down side of Tom Brady's career and Bill Belicheck knows that once he looses Brady winning will become that much harder. They make the trade to provide Brady with an immediate weapon and a true number one wide receiver to give the offense fire power for the next 2-3 years that Brady is still playing.

5.) Oakland: Greg Robinson: The Raiders pick up the most physically gifted Tackle in the draft. He has the potential to anchor the line for years, he also has a little mean streak that will endear himself to Raiders fans.

6.) St. Louis trades the 6th overall pick to Buffalo for the 9th overall and the Bills 3rd RD and next years 3rd RD Mike Evans: The Bills make the jump over Tampa Bay. Seeing no immediate needs and wanting to give EJ the most possible weapons as possible they take Mike Evans with the large catching radius. They also take into account Mike Williams legal trouble and the fact Stevie Johnson has has some injury concerns in the past and go all in on EJ.

7.) Tampa Bay: Eric Ebron: Tampa Bay tries to trade down seeing no one else to their liking but find no trading partners. They add another weapon to replace the lose of Mike Williams.

8.) Minnesota: Teddy Bridgewater: The QB slide stops as the Vikings admit that Ponder was not their guy anymore. They pick up the most NFL ready QB but in the back of Coach Zimmermans head is whether this pick will just be another Andy Dalton good enough to go to the playoffs but not good enough to win in the playoffs?

9.) St. Louis: Jake Matthews: The Rams are setting themselves up nicely grabbing picks from two trade downs but at the 9th overall they pick up the safest pick in the draft in Jake Matthews. With the injury history of Jake Long they decide to give Sam Bradford another year with as much protection as possible.

10.) Detroit: Justin Gilbert: The Lions have the pass rush but they need help in the secondary and with Gilbert they have a starter with tremendous upside who will benefit from the pass rush. With QBs like Rogers and Cutler in the division they must have a secondary that can run at Gilbert 4.37 forty is worth the selection.

I had some fun with this mock, a lot of trades, a BIG surprise trade from New England as they go all in for the last 2-3 years of Tom Brady career.

The Bills trade up for Mike Evans and give up two 3rd RD picks but keep the 2nd as the Rams see the quality of the draft and know that if they want they can send the two 3rds they acquired to a team to go back into the 2nd RD if a player falls. Probably got all my picks wrong but it was great just coming up with some crazy trades to pass the time.

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