Draft Sage: Scouting Report for Brandon Coleman

Hey everybody, I'm just doing some of these scouting reports for the fun of it. I'll be going through some of the positions that the Bills have needs at, and doing scouting reports of players at those positions. I know all opinions will not mesh about some players, but that's why they call them opinions. All height, weight, and drill results will be from

WR Scouting Reports

Mike Evans

Jordan Matthews

Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers Ht: 6'6" Wt: 225

Speed: Coleman's game isn't speed, in fact, it's anything but. While he can still play WR in the NFL, teams looking for an explosive play-maker will have to look else where. He takes a few seconds to get to his top speed, and if a corner gets a good jam at him on the line, he will struggle to get his momentum back. It's not all doom and gloom, though, when talking about Coleman's speed. When he does get to his top speed, he's pretty fast. He's another long strider that can gain on a CB faster than they're expecting. He also can be harder to take down than most WRs due to his HUGE size. Coleman lacks short area quickness, so screens and swing passes are out of the equation. Overall, Brandon Coleman is very big man, and you can't expect him to have 4.4 speed. He will need to work on his release from the line if he wants to be successful.

Speed Rating: 5.5/10

Catching: Coleman has decent hands and can make a contested catch here and there, although he rarely can do it consistently. Several times you will see him make one play, and then a few downs later, he'll struggle to do it again. He has a nasty habit of catching footballs with his body, and he doesn't really use his length to the best of his ability. He can tend to pull up on a catch when he knows he's going to get hit, but he was also playing injured most of the year last season, so that might be the reason why. Overall, Coleman doesn't have bad hands. When he's hot and in the groove, he catches mostly everything that comes his way, and is a receiver that any OC would want on his offense. Unfortunately, he can switch from hot to cold almost instantly, and his inconsistent hands will hurt him.

Catch Rating: 6/10

Route Running: Brandon Coleman's ability to run routes will be a deciding factor in whether or not he plays in the NFL. Coleman displays an "OK" burst off the line of scrimmage, and if given enough room, can make a CB pay. He handles press coverage well due to his size; he can find holes in zone coverage and sit down in them. He performs streaks pretty well getting decent separation from the CBs. Coleman doesn't work the middle of the field as well as I would like a man of his size to, but he does get physical near the red zone when he needs separation and doesn't allow corners to push him around. (even though I doubt any corner could) Overall, Coleman is, again, not horrible at RR, but has a few things he needs to polish before he will succeed in the NFL.

RR Rating: 7/10

Blocking: Can you say Mauler? Because that's exactly what Brandon Coleman is when he uses his size to block out corners from the play and sets the edge very well. He can handle LBs alright. He also blocks after the catch which was demonstrated when he set a few big plays up at Rutgers during his college years. Overall, Coleman's blocking ability is great and will allow him to stay on the field on running downs. Corners are gonna want to keep their eyes on Coleman when he lines up oppositeof them.

Blocking Rating 8.5/10

Special Teams: Coleman was very average on special teams when he played at Rutgers. He probably won't be playing on it that much in the NFL unless the team he's on is bit by the injury bug, and he is forced to play.

Special Teams Rating: 5/10

Pro Comparison: Jon Baldwin, WR, Seattle Seahawks

I had a hard time comparing Coleman to anyone, but I went with Jon Baldwin. Both are/were very raw coming out of school and had/have all the physical abilities to succeed in the NFL as decent possession receiver.

Offensive fit: Pro style

An offense that can mask Coleman's lack of speed and take advantage of his size will be the perfect fit for him. His role would be something to the tune of 'red zone threat' that comes in when the QB is playing with a tight field and needs a jump ball specialist.

How He Would Fit On The Bills: He would likely be fighting Mike Williams for starting time. He would probably be put as a back up until he could develop as a WR due to Buffalo's increased depth. He also could be brought in as a 'red zone threat' that EJ could utilize to throw to when things break down.

Where He Will Be Drafted: 4th round

His inconsistent play will bump him down the draft boards of teams, although he will most likely be over drafted due to his size.

Overall, Brandon Coleman is going to be a #2 WR in the NFL. Whether he starts right away or not is dependent on the teams WR depth that he's drafted by. His lack of speed will hurt him, as well as his inconsistent hands. His route running needs to be developed and refined before he warrants mentioning in the "Good WR" category. Potential is the one word that everyone needs to keep in mind when considering Brandon Coleman.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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