Possible trading partners

They have unsealed Chris Berman and inserted the analog tape of his catch phrases to be used during the 1st RD of the NFL draft. Mel Kiper has just finished using his 3rd hair spray bottle on his hair ensuring that only cockroaches, Twinkies, and Kipers hair survive a Nuclear War. The NFL self-made media frenzy that gives all football fans a reason to have friends over, go to the bar (And have a plan so you don't drink and drive) and have HOPE that next year they will be drafting with he 32nd overall pick. One of my favorite aspect of the draft are the trades. I love them whether it be the Bills or another team I love watching the suspense when they announce trade and then you hear it and think what team got the better deal. With that in mind I listed some teams that I could see being possible trading partners with the Buffalo Bills.

1.) Texans: They already have been connected to the overall draft pick before and it will not change until draft day because of the jewel that is Clowney.

2.) Rams: Any other team in the last few years been involved with as many trades as the Rams? Again Clowney is the reason if the Texans go a different route.

13.) Rams: Again they have been trading and jumping around the board as much as anyone else. If they don't trade back with the 2nd overall pick and grab Clowney I could see them jumping up to the 9th overall if a guy they also have on the radar falls and go all in on Sam Bradford to see if he is the QB of the future.

16.) Cowboys: They jumped up from the mid-teens to grab a CB a few years ago. I could see them jumping up to grab a pass rusher in this draft.

22.) Eagles:They lost DeSean Jackson if Evans drops I could see a call from the Eagles. Again the Chip Kelly system is about speed. But a lot of the quickness in his passing tree is actually quick passes with high success rate. Mike Evans would be a monster in the quick passing system.

28.) Panthers: The Panthers lost Jordan Gross due to retirement so they lost their steady tackle for over a decade and they also lost every receiver on the team that caught a pass from Cam Newton last year. I could see the Panthers making a trade with someone to grab a need. Depending on how close they think they are to the big dance they may want to spend a slot to move up a ton of spots to land an impact player.

Just some thoughts about teams that I could see making trades, it's purely speculation at this point but as I said I like trades and it killed some time before I had to go to work.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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