What If There Is No QB Run On Draft Day?

Last year it was pretty clear the Bills were going to take a QB in the first round. The Jets were widely thought to be in the first round QB market as well but didn't take Geno Smith until the second round. With Teddy Bridgewater allegedly failing to impress in private workouts there is more talk about him falling out of the top half of the first round and possibly out of the first round altogether. What happens if the teams ahead of Buffalo don't go along with the anticipated QB run?

1. Houston: DE Clowney

The Texans surprised many by taking Mario Williams years ago instead of Reggie Bush. Common wisdom has Houston taking a QB like Bortles or Manziel. If the team doesn't believe in any QB the way the team could believe in Clowney they might go defense.

2. Atlanta: WR Watkins

Roddy White is getting up there in years. Meanwhile Matt Ryan is hitting his prime and is losing the walking talking security blanket that is Tony Gonzales. The team flew way up the board to get Julio Jones. This trade won't cost anywhere near as much.

3. Cleveland: LB Mack

Yeah, I can see the Browns going up exactly one spot to get Mack. Why? If the Jags don't go QB -and they certainly aren't going to go OT after taking Joeckel last year - they might choose to address a linebacking unit whose best player is Paul Posluszny. Besides, the Browns have the juice to move up the board.

4. St Louis: OT Matthews

The Rams traded back to 6 and now move up to 4 to get their OT of choice before the Raiders take him. It won't cost them all that much as Jacksonville's team needs really don't fit the talent at the top of the first round if they don't believe in any of the QBs.

5. Oakland: OT Robinson

Robinson is the best guy on the board who fills an area of need created when the cap rich Raiders let their starting LT wander away in free agency.

6. Detroit: TE Ebron

The Lions clearly have limited faith in Brandon Pettigrew and the Jags - desperate for interior line help as well as back 7 defenders remain motivated to drop down the board. The Jags add some extra picks and get into position to merge need and BPA.

7. Tampa Bay: WR Evans

The Bucs need defensive ends more than a WR but Evans is better combination of need and BPA.

8: New Jersey: OT Lewan

The Giants need to keep Eli Manning vertical and didn't do much in free agency to address the need. Rather than watch the Bills or Flaming Thumbtacks take Lewan and be left with Moses or Kouandjio New Jersey makes an uncharacteristic move up the board in a trade with Minny.

So the Bills are on the clock. Options include LB Mosley, DE Ealy, DT Donald, CBs Gilbert and Dennard and S Pryor. The team could also try to drop back into the mid first round by trading with a team like Dallas. Jones likes to wheel and deal and needs DT help that may not be available when pick 16 rolls around. I'm guessing the trade would be for Dallas' first and third round picks in this draft with a 2015 third rounder as well.

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