A Dane attends Ralph Wilson Stadium

In December 2012 I was at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the first and still only time. I normally live in Northern Europe in a small country called Denmark. One of the ways to gather enough money for the trip, was that I would write a small piece about going to this game. I have now had the time to translate it from Danish to English and wanted to share it with you:

The clock beside the bed started to call out my name with loud noices. I was under water in the shower and the clock therefore did not wake me, but it started the nervousness best described as the feeling you have the first time you have a girls hand in yours and you lean forward to kiss her, without knowing the outcome of the chance.

As the paper was slammed down in front of the hoteldoor my heart skipped another beat and unleashed another burst of nervousness. As I swallowed the articles about the game, I started wondering about how to get to the game. I was a naïve European and thought I could rely on public transport, but not even the guy in the reception knew how to get there by public transport. Luckily Google had the answer, and as the sun started to show behind the clouds that placed a large amount of snow on the ground yesterday I climbed the bus with 4 others.

As I thought the busride could not get any longer I started to be afraid. Afraid of what was going to happen. What if the Jets won? What if my ticket is not valid? What if this is the wrong date? With a troubling amount of disbelief pounding in my veins, I waved goodbye to the bus. Without a clue on how to get to the stadium I stood on the parking lot in front of a mall. Two very friendly Canadians stood there with me and after a beer or two we decided to split a cap.

As the guy driving the cap stopped and said we had to walk from here I thought he was joking. I could not see a single sign that there was a stadium nearby. He directed us to the nearest larger street, but still there, it was only the massive amount of people that showed a stadium was close. As I saw the sign labelled "Ralph Wilson" and the upper deck behind the piles of snow I felt a calmness that can’t be described. Like the feeling of belonging to something you don’t know you belong to.

As I went closer to the stadium a couple of guys yelled if I needed a ticket, I could get for 5$, I declined an said I bought a long time ago since I had been planning the trip for 6 months, because I was from Denmark. One of them started laughing in disbelief and asked if they should belief it. I showed him my passport and as soon as he saw it, he grabbed a can of beer and gave it to me. As stood there and chatted with these guys and drank their beer, they asked if I was alone and needed a place to stand, because they would gladly invite me to where they had ticket. I was stunned. Not only did I get 5 or 6 free beers they would invite me to stand with them. I had to decline as I was with a friend, but I will never forget this kindness. I couldn’t help but feeling that this is why I am a Bills fan and why I put up with all the annoying Brady fans.

As I walked through the security and found my place in the stands I tried to breath the air a bit harder and try to imagine how it would be if there actually was something at stake.

As the Bills started to show they could win and the touchdowns forced my hands in the air and a stranger around my neck in a tight embrace, that again reminded me why it’s better to watch a game live, I had a smile on my face. A smile like no other, smile like the one you have the day after you had sex for the first time.


In 2013 I went to both the games in Florida and I now have a second job, so I can go see the Bills at least once every season. This year I will try to attend Ralph Wilson Stadium again, so here is to hoping the Bills will have a home game I can attend.

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