Could Buffalo Back Out Of The First Round?

There's growing chatter about the QBs in the draft not being all that inspiring to the teams at the top of the draft, the teams that need quarterbacks. A lot of ink has been spilled regarding the definitive break between the top 5 guys in the draft (Clowney, Mack, Watkins, Robinson, Matthews) and everyone else. Several years ago the Browns went with Joe Thomas with their pick and then traded back into the first for their QB Of The Future. Brady Quinn obviously didn't work out but the idea was solid; take a top tier guy at the top of the first and then try to trade back into the first for a QB.

For the sake of this post let us assume that Clowney, Mack, Watkins, Richardson, and Matthews come off the board in some order to the teams that are presently in the top 5. Basically, the argument is that these players represent value to the extent that the top 5 teams turn down trade offers, stand pat and take whichever stud best fits their needs. Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland and possibly even St Louis - if they've decided to give up on Sam Bradford, who wasn't Jeff Fisher's QB of choice - may all want to get back into the first round in order to get the highest rated QB on their board in addition to the stud the team has already drafted in the top 5. I'm not going to include Tampa Bay or Minny in this thought exercise because the guys (other than QBs) who will be on the board aren't seen as can't-miss top tier players. Guys like Mosley may prove the draftniks wrong but they just aren't generating the same buzz as the top 5. If Tampa or Minny want a QB my guess is that they simply take their guy at 7 or 8 and call it a day.

Here's the set up. The top 5 guys have gone to the top 5 teams. The Vikings and Bucs may or may not have taken one or two QBs off the board, leaving at least two of Bridgewater, Manziel, Carr and Bortles on the board....and possibly all four. It's unlikely that each of the 5 teams I'm looking at would call Buffalo wanting to trade up to 9, meaning that there wouldn't be a bidding war type situation. That isn't to say that Buffalo couldn't pick up the phone and make an unsolicited call to one of the teams advising them that they've got an offer from a team wanting a QB at 9 to see if they got a counter offer. (Example: The Bills get an offer from Houston and call Oakland to let them know that it looks like a QB is coming off the board. Oakland may make an offer if they really want a QB.)

Texans: 9 for 33, 65, 101 and Houston's 2015 2nd round pick...Houston has an extra 4th so in this draft they'd basically be short one early round pick to get their top rated player and their new QB.

Jaguars: 9 for 39, 70, 105, 144 and Jacksonville's 2015 2nd round pick...The Jags need top tier players and also need a QB. This move could set a foundation for the new regime to build on. The Jags have a lot of extra late round picks so this move doesn't hurt the team.

Raiders: 9 for 36 and Oakland's 1st round pick...This deal doesn't leave the Raiders with fewer 2014 picks, a big deal for a team that has no 5th or 6th rounders.

Rams: 9 for 44, 110 and St Louis' 2015 1st round pick...This is a win now league and Fisher needs to get results, particularly since the team is one that may be on the relocation list. It's not out of the question that the Rams would value 3 first rounders in 2014 over 2 this year and another next.

Browns: 9 for 35, 71, 83, 106 and Cleveland's 2015 2nd round pick....The new Cleveland front office could literally be fired while you're reading this. They need to have real-sounding reasons for why they lost last season, never mind that they weren't even with the team. A trio of first rounders could net the team an elite prospect, a new QB and another impact player in the last part of the first stanza.

Might the Rams or Browns trade for 9 by using their second 1st round pick? Sure. I wanted to construct this as the Bills dropping out of the first round entirely, to see if there was any support for the idea given the depth of this draft. It also has the effect of evening out the five possible offers.

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