Draft Sage: Scouting Report for Donte Moncrief

Hey everybody, I'm just doing some of these scouting reports for the fun of it. I'll be going through some of the positions that the Bills have needs at, and doing scouting reports of players at those positions. I know all opinions will not mesh about some players, but that's why they call them opinions. All height, weight, and drill results will be from

WR Scouting Reports

Mike Evans

Jordan Matthews

Brandon Coleman

Martavis Bryant

Kelvin Benjamin

Donte Moncrief, WR, Mississippi, Ht: 6'2" Wt: 221lbs

Speed: Donte Moncrief has very good speed. He ran a 4.40 at the combine, and when you look at tape he is very explosive after the catch. He shows excellent vision when he has the ball in his hands and can get good separation by using his speed on certain routes. Because of his short area quickness, he will be able handle screens and any other sort of shorter passes. His acceleration is average, and he generally doesn't display an elite level of elusiveness. Overall, Moncrief has very good speed and explosiveness after the catch. He will excel at deeper, more vertical routes. He won't make any highlight reel moves once the ball is in his hands, but if he gets a lane and turns it up field, watch out.

Speed Rating: 8/10

Catching: Moncrief's hands are very suspect. I will say that he suffered from inaccurate QB play, but there were still instances where he just plain dropped the ball. When he did catch the ball, he caught well with his hands. He doesn't body catch all that often. He positions himself well for contested catches; it's just coming down with it that he struggles with. He has very good leaping ability, which has helped him out jump corners several times to bring a ball down. He catches well when he is about to get hit. Moncrief is willing to put his body on the line to make a catch. Overall, I was expecting him to catch much better than he did, but that's what you get when you expect something. He'll have to work on his catching ability in the NFL. If he can put his jumping, positioning and catching all together, then he'll make some OC very happy.

Catching Rating: 5/10

Route Running: Due to Moncrief's excellent route running abilities, he gets good separation on deeper routes and doesn't get muscled out of the play easily. He works the middle of the field very, very well, picking through the garbage and finding soft spots in the zones. He handles press coverage well, and he excels at not letting the bigger corners get a good jam on him at the line. He is very fluid and smooth coming out of his breaks. Overall, Moncrief is a very mature route runner that doesn't let the physicality of corners affect his route running. He will be able to start right away for which ever team takes him.

RR Rating: 8/10

Blocking: Donte Moncrief is a very feisty blocker. He doesn't have great size to be a dominate blocker, but he will do his best to put someone on their butt. He can be driven back by some of the stronger corners. He blocks well on screens and doesn't get too ahead of the play. He struggles with letting corners in the play on outside runs. Overall, Moncrief is an average blocker that will need to bulk up a tad in the NFL to become a successful blocker.

Blocking Rating: 6/10

Special Teams: Moncrief has the speed to contribute on special teams. He will probably be a gunner in the NFL, or, possibly, a return man. Overall, Moncrief will be able to contribute on ST, where his plays will be up to his coaches.

ST Rating: 6.5/10

Pro comparison: Josh Gordan

There are some very flattering comparisons going around about Moncrief. One is Dez Bryant and another Alshon Jeffery, but the one I find the most accurate is Josh Gordan. They are roughly the same size, and they have very similar playing styles. Gordan knows a thing or two about getting contested footballs and how to produce on a team with less than stellar QB play. We can only hope that Moncrief is half as good.

Offensive fit: While Moncrief could fit on any offense, I see him being more successful, sooner, in a pro style offense that allows him to use his athleticism to make big plays.

How he fits on the Bills:

Moncrief would most likely be battling with Mike Williams for the #3 spot on the depth chart. It would not be surprising to see Moncrief come in as a red zone threat, and then develop into a solid #2 WR.

Where he should be drafted: Mid to late 2nd

Overview: Donte Moncrief has the ability to be very successful right away. He will need to work on his catching, but with his leaping ability I'm willing to take a chance on him. He has the potential to be a #1 receiver, if given the proper coaching and plenty of patience.

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