Good Lord Almighty I might Billieve we have a favorable schedule

I know open and closing on the road isn't ideal, but after looking at matchups I think my 7/8 win hope has turned into 8-10 enthusiasm. I'm an optimist so live with it.

Week 1. The best draw we could have gotten against the Bears(unless you count the more than likely week that Cutler gets hurt). They have a handful of new pieces on defense and I think week one gives us a chance to pick up a W. Our best chance in this game is their weak LB core, new pieces up front haven't gotten all their assignments down, and miscommunication in the secondary. All are possible in a week one game. (0-1) it will be hard to win this one regardless.

week 2. By this week we know who is leading the division and will know how important it is. Plus I like that Mike Williams and Corey Graham don't start off the season with the emotion of the home crowd and think we plow through this game. (1-1) I think we have the Fins at home

week 3. SD. I always counted this as a loss before, not anymore. They open against two of the toughest defenses in the league and then they have to travel across the country for the Bills. I think Ari and Sea wear them out enough that this should be one of our easier games at home. (2-1)

week 4. I'm not sure exactly what to make of the Texans but either it's a rookie QB or Fitzpatrick, regardless I think we should get out with a W. (3-1)

Week 5. Det. I like the fact they play the Jets the week before. That gives us an understanding if wild card playoff implications ensue we know if we win that's a tie breaker in our favor, however I just don't see us winning this game. (3-2) Shwartz relies on history too much and it back fires.

week 6. NE. This is the second division game for both of us. I'm going in with us both beating Miami so this at home for the divion lead, plus NE did play the Sunday night game the week before. I'm ignoring past judgements and taking we have come far enough as a team to at least beat them at home. (4-2)

week 7. Minn. another good matchup for us. They are coming off back to back division opponents and it's either a rookie QB or Cassell. I like our chances as long as we put 10 defenders on AP. (5-2)

week 8. Jets. I don't like this matchup because it's on the road, the play the Thursday Night before against NE and either they win that game and have blazing confidence or they lose and are just psycho angry. Not a good game for us. (5-3)


week 10. KC. Again a team that plays the Jets the week before so we know if a possible tie breaker is important. I always think we can beat KC and will always give us the nod. (6-3)

week 11. Mia. Prime time game we have a winning record seems about time for a let down. (6-4)

week 12. Jets. Even though they have a bye the week before (like they did last year) after the Miami let down and it's at Homw I think we have this. (7-4)

week 13. Cle. They may a defense and a HC that knows out players but my guess is by this time the musical QB chairs have been Rollin and we get the knock on Pettine. (8-4)

week 14. Den. We lose. I give us a little bit of a chance just because when Manning falters it's usually in the area of the season ( not including the playoffs) but c'mon we aren't good enough to compete with that yet. (8-5)

week 15. GB. This is the game where a 10 win season might occur. GB plays the MNF game the week before and if we are where I have projected hopefully our team knows how big this game is and it's at home. I can't realistically see us as a victor although I think there is a chance. (8-6)

week 16. Oak. If we are in the playoff race and can't beat Oak this late in the season we don't deserve the playoffs again. W (9-6)

week 17. NE. I absolutely hate dealing with NE @NE might deal with a playoff spot. They also play the Jets the week before so that may give us an understanding before this game is played, In saying that, I hate them more because I don't think they beat us, but I think we beat ourselves because of inexperienced youth and excitement.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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