Creating The Best Draft Party

The 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner so it is time to start making arrangements for the obvious NFL Draft Party. So here are the the obvious keys to success that I have come up with to have an amazing night.

1.) Location: The best place for your buddies is a place we can all agree upon. A bar is ok but more expensive and you don't want to be the guy fighting for the bill and then later think you dodged a bullet when someone else s insists and taking the majority of it. The best i have found is a house that has a grill needy to go, no kids yet so if the Bills butcher a pick they are not woken by the sounds of complaints. If you have it at some ones house bring a little extra food because they are providing the shelter.

2.) The Food: Have a consensus of what you want to have before the party starts. Pizza, wings, beer, burgers, white hots, red hots, steak, potatoes. Once in agreement for the food I prefer everyone bring their own steak and then throw it on the grill. But the main entree will always take a back seat to the appetizers in this event. I prefer making home made fried dough, but it should never be something too complex or you have to spend more than 30 seconds arranging on a plate. If you think you need more food than you need more food. What is not eaten on the first night of the draft will be eaten on the following days.

3.) The alcohol: We are all adults so don't be that person who doesn't have a plan and gets boozed up and tries to drive. Have someone remain the DD if drinking is occurring so everyone can remain safe. If you are getting drunk and the DD is being a good DD you are obligated to buy him dinner if your at a bar, or a drink when he is not the DD later.

4.) Draft games: There are a number of draft games usually involving drinking. Every-time an expert uses a clique take a drink. Berman says catchphrase take a drink. Trades happen thus drinking happens. They show any of the heart breaking Bills moments such as Bills V Giants, Bills V Titans, Bills selecting Maybin take a drink. Or you can create your own.

5.) TVs: When I have hosted this event in recent years the TVS are all ready to do with one in the kitchen set up on ESPN and then main being NFL or ESPN network depending on the better announcer at the time. Check out the TV make sure it is in good working order. IF your TV is from the early 90s it maybe time for an upgrade. Don't be overtly loyal to ESPN if you thin the better coverage this year is NFL than make the switch.

6.) Buffalo Rumblings: Include B.R. in your draft night, the internet must know your thought on the Raiders picking Taylor Lewan at 5th Overall with Jake Matthews on the board.

7.) Make a mock draft: Make a mock draft, just for kicks and giggles. What I like to do is print out the last mock draft of so-called experts and compare them with mine to see how far off I am, surprisingly I am in the middle like everyone else.

8.) Don't overreact: Overreacting is for the internet not the bar or your friends house. If the Bills appear to reach than say that sucks but no crying, no screaming pissing of the neighbors, no being kicked out of the bar. Remember tears go better with Buffalo Rumblings.

9.) Have fun: Have fun, don't take it seriously because no one really knows who will do what they are only guesses. Hopefully the Bills pick well and in a year or two we can see dividends but no one wins anything on draft night.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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