Trade back mock draft

So I decided to do a mock draft where the Bills top 2 targets Matthews and Evans were off the board and there was no else that they felt good enough to take at #9 so the Bills decided to move back and starting pulling a NE in this years draft by stocking up on draft picks.

Bills trade #9 pick to NYG for picks #12, #113 & #152 & 2015 5th Round

- - Reason for the trade is that NYG want to make sure that they get one of the top 3 OT on the board because their Oline play last year was terrible. Moving up to #9 sure ensure that they get a starting LT

Bills trade #12 pick to PHI for picks #22, #54 & #122

- - Reason for this trade is the Eagles LB play last year was terrible and they will be looking to add a top LB in this years draft. I think the Eagles would want to trade up to make sure that they get Anthony Barr who should be a day started at OLB for them

Bills trade #22 pick to SF for picks #30, #94 & #129

- - Reason for this trade is SF is worried about the Aldin Smith situation who very well might not even play this year depending on his legal troubles so they would look to trade up for CJ Mosley who would be able to slide outside

Bills select OT Morgan Moses from UVA with the #30 overall pick. Moses will be able to come in and compete for the starting RT spot with Eric Pears. Moses should be good enough to be the day 1 starter at RT.

Bills select DE Scott Chricton from Oregon State University with the #41 overall pick. At 6’6" 280 lbs he should be a day one starter opposite Mario Williams. He will be an excellent 2 down DE and allow Hughes to do what he does best and come in on passing downs.

Bills select WR Martavis Bryant from Clemson with the #54 overall pick. This pick is strictly based on potential upside. At 6’5" 215 lbs and runs a 4.4, with the existing WR corp he does not need to be a stud this year and will be able to learn in his first year. That way next year when either Mike Williams or Stevie is gone than Bryant will be able to slide in and be that impact player.

Bills select OG Gabe Jackson from Ole Miss with the #73 overall pick. If you have ever seen the tape on this kid, he is a stud OG. He would be able to compete with Williams for that starting LOG spot and at worst should be the first backup OG.

Bills trade up moving picks #94 and #109 to DAL for pick #78

Bills select OLB Trevor Reilly from Utah with the #78 overall pick. The Bills did sign Keith Rivers in the offseason but as everyone know he has never truly lived up to his hype coming out of USC and Riley was a tackling machine at Utah. He would be able to compete with Rivers for that starting SLB spot and given two good SLB because currently Rivers is the only one that the Bills have.

Bills select ILB Shane Skov from Stanford with the #113 overall pick. The Bills picked up Spikes in the offseason so Skov would be drafted as a backup but if Spikes doesn’t last more than the 1 year than you have you future starting MLB. Think of a potential young LB corp of Reilly, Alonso and Skov. That would be an excellent group to move forward with.

Bills select FS Ed Reynolds from Stanford with the #122 overall pick. After losing Byrd in the offseason and not have a real true FS on the roster, Reynolds could easily come in and compete for the starting FS spot.

Bills select QB Aaron Murray from the University of Georgia with the #129 overall pick. Not too much to say here about Murray, 4 year starter at UGA and put up huge numbers. Should be able to come in and compete for the 2nd or 3rd string QB position. I personally would take him over Tuel so moving into the season I would see it being Manuel, Lewis and Murray.

Bills select CB Ross Cockrell from Duke University with the #149 overall pick. Has decent size at 6’0". Should be able to come in and compete for 4th CB position and at worst could be one of those core special team players that Marrone is looking for.

Bills select RB Storm Johnson from USF with the #152 overall pick. I think he would be the perfect 4th RB to keep on the roster and I would move Dixon to FB. I love Summers but I think Dixon could play the FB spot if needed. Johnson has a ton of talent and when our beloved Freddie decides to hang em up or if Freddie or Spiller gets hurt, Johnson should be able to come in and the running game not lose a beat.

Bills select P Pat O’Donnell from the University of Miami. Has a career average of 43.5 and his senior year averaged 47.1 yards. Moorman is getting a little long in the tooth and struggled last year so I could easily see O’Donnell being the starting punter on next years squad.

So there you have it. This is my mock draft with the Bills trading down to the end of the first to bring in a few starters, a few potential starters and plenty of extra depth. I wanted to address the top 2 needs which were RT and DE so I knocked those out first with top picks for each position. I chose to go WR instead of TE in this draft because Bryant has the potential to be a #1 receiver and a year of learning should allow that. I think we all can agree that TE is lacking but I do believe that there is good talent there. Everything else was competition or depth.

So if you look at the positions that I added on this draft:


OT - starting RT

OG – potential starting LOG

WR – future #1

RB – special teamer but someone who could come in and play if immediately if Spiller or Freddie go down

QB – I think Manuel should get every chance to the be the #1 so bring in someone who could easily earn the #2 spot


DE – starting RDE opposite Mario

SLB – potential starter at SLB or special teamer

MLB – special teamer and back (potential future starting MLB)

CB – Everyone says that you should draft a CB every year so I am sticking to that. Should be able to compete for the 4th CB position and be a special teams player

FS – potential starter and only true FS on the roster. Could very well make an excellent young pair of safeties with Williams

Special Teams

P – Should be the starting P headed into the 2014 season

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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