Preparing for the 2014 SB Nation Community Mock Draft

Hi all,

Just letting you know that coming up this weekend, May 3rd and 4th, is the annual SB Nation Community Mock Draft. Run by the fans, this draft spans all 7 rounds and UDFAs, over the course of two days. There are trades, reaches, and steals, and it's a ton of fun for all.

This year the draft will be taking place at the Tennessee Titans' blog which must not be named. Sorry, I didn't get to choose the location!

Here's the schedule:

Friday, May 2nd: Open thread for trades opens at noon EDT

Saturday, May 3rd: Live draft thread opens at 11AM EDT

Sunday, May 4th: New draft thread for later day picks opens at 11AM EDT

As you may have guessed since I'm writing this post, yours truly will be acting as the GM for the Bills this year. I did it last year and, while I think there was room for improvement, I didn't do too shabby.

Last Year's Picks:

1. Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse. Yeah, I drafted a guy 8th overall who went in the fourth round. You can give me crap about it. The jury is out on Nassib because he went to a team with an established QB. At the very least, we can say he isn't a draft bust yet.. Still, I could have probably chosen a higher impact guy with that first pick, especially since only one other QB went in the first two rounds.

2. Robert Woods, WR, USC. My second pick was the same as Buffalo's. I was one pick away from snagging DeAndre Hopkins, but I think Woods was a pretty good consolation prize, don't you?

3. Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati. The talented 6'5" tight end prospect was my third round choice and went to the Chiefs in round 3 in real life. Unfortunately, he only appeared in one game before having season-ending knee surgery in his rookie season. Still room for some impact later.

4. Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri. My fourth round pick was the athletic speedster from Mizzou. Here is where I think I made a mistake. Tyrann Mathieu was on the board, but I traded down 3 spots in order to upgrade a 7th round pick to a 6th rounder, and that team took Mathieu. I should've stuck with my gut there. Gooden played in 9 games his rookie season and got 12 tackles.

6. Mike Glennon, QB, NC State. Luckily I redeemed myself two rounds later taking a second QB with a BPA pick. Glennon was arguably the best rookie QB last year. While that's not saying a lot, it's hard to argue that the Bills didn't come out with a franchise QB between Glennon and Nassib in this draft.

6. Earl Watford, OG, James Madison. Here is why I'm annoyed with the Mathieu trade. The biggest consolation I got from it was adding Watford, who didn't make an impact despite playing for the Cardinals, who always have severe line issues. He was obviously a project player, but I shouldn't be passing on great talent to add a project player.

6. Kyle Juszczyk, FB, Harvard. I had a good feeling about the swiss army knife from Harvard, but he didn't break into the stat sheet with the Ravens in his rookie year. Still, I'm okay with this pick.

7. Darrin Moore, WR, Texas Tech. This receiver never broke into the NFL after failing to receive a Combine invite, but looking at his college tape you can see that he definitely had the talent to play in the starting lineup. It's a shame he didn't get the chance.

UDFA: Dennis Johnson, RB, Arkansas; Jake Stoneburner, TE, Ohio State; Bruce Taylor, LB, VA Tech; Marcus Cromartie, CB, Wisconsin; Brynden Trawick, S, Troy

This Year's Plan:

Help out EJ. Get one of the top 6 talents in the draft in the first round, and add quality talent on both sides of the ball to compliment it. Like Doug Whaley, I'm watching the board, and if I get a good offer and a top talent is available, I won't hesitate to trade up. If I sense that the board is going to be empty when it's my turn to pick, I'll do my best to amass picks later.

Getting help from you guys:

I try to keep the process open and let you guys know who is getting picked and what I'm thinking before I make the selection. If I'm unsure of which direction to go on draft day I'll usually open the discussion up and try to go with popular opinion. I'm also planning to release my scouting spreadsheet this weekend (gulp) so you can follow along as players get selected.

I'm also looking for a backup GM. I'm hopeful that nothing will come up to prevent me from participating fully in the draft on that day, but in the event I am unable to go, I want to know the Bills will be placed in good hands.

That's all for now. I'm going to open this comment section up as a general strategy discussion. If you want to participate in the war room or be a backup GM, let me know! Want to talk draft strategy, who to trade with, who to target? We can do that in the comments. Have questions about a prospect? As always, I'm willing to hear it.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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