My Post Mike Williams Mock

I'm no DanRoc, but I do watch a heck of a lot of college football and I do love me some mock drafts. I think the Mike Williams deal really changed the way the draft plays out for us. No longer is WR a major need, in fact I'd say that as long as we are keeping Stevie - there really is no room for another receiver. Stevie J., Woods, Williams, Goodwin make up the top 4 guys and all need to see the field a lot as they are all very talented football players.

Easley has earned his spot on the team by being one of the best special teams players, if not the best, on the roster. That leaves one roster spot open for WR and while my name for TJ Graham is "crappy receiver who is not Russell Wilson", the front office probably wants to keep from admitting that mistake too soon by keeping him around at least one more year.

That, and the fact that Watkins and Evans will likely be gone by our pick means we have to look another direction.

1. Jake Mathews OT Tex A&M - No brainer. He'd have been the #1 pick last year and thanks to a loaded top of the draft and the emergence of Greg Robinson, we get a Joe Thomas clone at #9. Cordy, you better work on your run blocking, because you are moving to the right side. If Tampa Bay selects Mathews instead of Evans, we either just go with Lewan or we take Haha Clinton-Dix. I actually think Graham or Duke Williams can be very good at FS for us, but HCD is by far the best safety in the class and represents awesome value - there's no such thing as having too many DBs.

2. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins TE UW - Maybe my favorite player in the draft. I remember watching this guy a couple years ago and just being so impressed with the fluidity that the big man played the game with. Athletes like ASJ are rare and can be transformative for an offense if utilized correctly. Watching ASJ highlights is really fun, I wanna see it happen in the red, white, and blue of the Buffalo Bills. He's Antonio Gates 2.0

3. Will Clarke DE WVU - After taking Mathews in round 1, the most glaring need on the roster is an early down DE. Clarke is built just for this purpose, with a length and strength that allows him to get off blocks and make plays in the run game. He also has the kind of motor and size to be a pest in the passing game as well. Not the sexiest pick, but a blue collar worker who will fill an important role.

4. Trai Turner OG LSU - Chris Williams is not the answer, he is a stopgap at best. Turner is a young guy and probably needs to work with the S&C staff to get into NFL shape. But he has the kind of natural power and explosiveness to one day be a true road grading interior lineman in this league. He can back up the interior positions while he learns on the job.

5. Kyhri Thornton DT S Miss - I remembered this kid from when my Seminoles were recruiting him. He ended up going the small school route and that may be great luck for some team, as he may have been a much bigger name at a bigger school. He never put up numbers, but he wasn't asked to in his college scheme, but he crushes in drills and did very well at the combine - he is in NFL game ready shape today. A sleeper I like a lot.

7. James Wilder Jr. RB FSU - So much talent, so many red flags. Reminds me of Bryce Brown a couple years ago, I wanted us to take Brown so bad as I knew his talent would trump those supposed red flags - and I believe the same will hold true for Wilder. Wilder has possible pro bowl talent if he ever harnesses his full potential.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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