Draft Sage: Scouting Report for Jordan Matthews

Hey everybody, I'm just doing some of these scouting reports for the fun of it. I'll be going through some of the positions that the Bills have needs at, and doing scouting reports of players at those positions. I know all opinions will not mesh about some players, but that's why they call them opinions. All height, weight, and drill results will be from

WR's Scouting Reports

Mike Evans

Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt Ht: 6'3'' Wt: 212

Speed: Jordan Matthews has adequate speed to play in the NFL. Running a 4.46 at the combine, he has good straight line speed, but he lacks that explosive second gear that you see from the faster players in the NFL. Matthews takes a little bit of time to reach his top speed. His short area quickness is well above average, Due to this, he was very good after the catch and I see know reason why it shouldn't translate over into the NFL. He will need to add a little bit of size to his frame, so I wonder how that will affect his speed overall. Overall, Jordan Matthews isn't the fastest receiver out there but he does have some get up and go to him. He has the ability to go deep, but don't expect him to pull away from the faster corners in this league.

Speed Rating: 7/10

Catching: Jordan Matthews has excellent hands. He's willing to take hit to make a grab. On several plays you'll see him go up to make a catch even though he knows he'll get popped by the safety running down hill on him. He tends to let balls into his body when he's working the middle of the field, but, for some reason, Matthews seems to catch with his hands just fine when working outside the numbers. He has the ability to win the jump balls, but he tends to be 50/50 with them. He catches deep routes very well. Rarely will you see him drop an easy pass. Overall, Jordan Matthews has some of the best hands of this draft class. He catches almost everything that's in his vicinity and can make the tough grabs.

Catch Rating: 8/10

Route Running: Matthews displays a great burst off the line, although he does have a bit of a hitch to him. He gets good separation over the middle and knows how to avoid the traffic. He needs to work on getting some space down field ,as a lot of the time it seems that the corner is riding his back. He can handle press coverage pretty well and he gets physical when needs to. He can find holes in zone coverage's, and also find the soft spots to sit down into on the curl routes. Overall, Jordan is very savvy route runner that will surprise people with his route running ability.

RR Rating: 8/10

Blocking: A very feisty blocker that doesn't let up when he gets his hands on a corner. Very rarely will you see him whiff on blocks. He sets the edge very well on outside runs. He can tend to get over powered by stronger corners but he should be able to overcome that with some work in the weight room.

Blocking Rating: 7/10

Special Teams: Very limited playing time on Special Teams, but he has the ability to contribute on it

Special Teams Rating: Unavailable

Pro Comparison: James Jones

Both Matthew and Jones are savvy route runners that get open for their QB. They also can rip of the big play now and then, as well. Jones has also developed the ability to get deep, and turn small catches into big gains. He has turned into a solid #2 WR that helped Aaron Rodgers develop into one the best QBs in the NFL. Matthews has the ability to be even better than James Jones. With more size and slighlty more speed than the now Oakland Raiders receiver, Matthews has the potential to be a great #2 WR and a possible #1

Offensive fit: West coast offense. Teams would be wise to take advantage of Matthews quick step and ability work the middle of the field in a quick strike offense that will allow him to use his size.

How he would fit on the Bills: Matthews would probably go somewhere between #3 and #4 receiver on the depth chart depending on whether Mike Williams makes the team. He would most likely be a possession WR and work the middle of the field for Buffalo.

Where he will be drafted: Late first, early second.

Overall, Jordan Matthews is probably the most pro ready WR in the draft this year. He's a guaranteed #2 receiver in the NFL, and has the potential to be a #1 on some teams. Another attribute that Matthews has is his work ethic. People are saying that the kid is gym rat, and that days before the senior bowl, he was scouting the CBs that he would be facing and trying to find weaknesses in their game. He's already thinking like pro and is going to a very successful one.

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