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There is word that the Lions are looking to move up to secure the services of WR Sammy Watkins in the draft. These stories are beginning to sound like St Louis' interest in trading up to draft WR Tavon Austin last year. That particular trade worked out well for the Bills in that Buffalo got the highest QB on OBD's board and picked up an extra second round selection. What kind of impact might a Detroit trade up have? What of Atlanta's rumored interested in moving up to get Clowney?

1. Houston Texans: Years ago the Texans did the unthinkable and took DE Mario Williams instead of RB Reggie Bush. That worked out pretty well for the team. Pairing Clowney with JJ Watt would help disrupt opposing offenses. Without a franchise QB, however, the Texans are going to be picking early in the 2015 draft. Meanwhile time is running out for WR Andre Johnson. I'm betting the Texans bite the bullet and take their highest rated QB. Houston Texans take QB Blake Bortles

2. Atlanta Falcons: The Rams want to start a bidding war for the #2 pick but that just isn't in the cards. I can see the Rams, who need OT help, both wanting to trade back but also get Robinson or Matthews. While the NFL isn't a sentimental league the fact that Matthews' father played for Fisher may make him the preferred target, even though most draft sites have Robinson rated slightly higher. The Falcons, who flew up the board a couple of years ago for WR Julio Jones, aren't risk averse. I see the Rams settling for a little less than Market value, getting #6, #37 and a 2015 2nd. Atlanta Falcons take DE Jadeveon Clowney

3. Detroit Lions: Jacksonville needs a QB, among many other things. Because of the Atlanta trade and now a move by Detroit the Jags are seeing QBs pushed down the board. Like St Louis I can see the Jaguars accepting less than market value, Detroit's #10, #45 and a 2015 1st. Detroit Lions take WR Sammy Watkins

4. Cleveland Browns: The Browns are in an interesting position. They need to pick up a franchise QB. With a pair of first and third round picks the Browns can move around the board. With Bridgewater, Manziel, and Carr all on the board the team might be tempted to go after the best remaining defender (Mack) for new head coach Mike Pettine. The problem for Cleveland is that QB needy Oakland picks 5th, Tampa's new regime may want a new QB and Minny has all but sent over guys to Ponder's house to box up his stuff. Cleveland Browns take QB Derek Carr

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars traded from 3 to 10 and now move back up to 5. With the Raiders having needs all over the roster, missing 5th and 6th round picks, and having demonstrated a willingness to trade down for less than market value (Miami got a steal in 2013) it isn't hard to see the team drop from #5 to #10, while picking up Jacksonville's second rounder (#39) in the process. Meanwhile the Jags need to put butts in seats. Jacksonville takes QB Johhny Manziel

6. St Louis Rams: The Rams picked up a pair of second round picks in order to still take the guy they might have taken had they stayed put at #2 overall. St Louis Rams take OT Jake Matthews

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Yes, the Bucs sent WR Mike Williams to the Bills for a 6th round pick. The team still has Vincent Jackson. Adding another WR would be helpful. At the same time the team is installing a new defense and needs an elite defender. Tampa Bay Buccaneers take LB Khalil Mack

8. Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson won't last forever. He's got to get more help from the QB position than Ponder, who was thought so little of that the Vikings traded for Josh Freeman and signed Matt Cassel. Yikes. It's a long drop from Bridgewater to McCarron. While the Vikings could look to slide down a few slots they'd have to worry about the Raiders, Thumbtacks and possibly even the Bills taking a QB. Minnesota Vikings take QB Teddy Bridgewater

9. St Louis Rams: The Rams traded down and got the OT they wanted along with #37 and Atlanta's 2015 2nd rounder. Last year the Rams traded with the Bills when the Bills wanted to move down. With Robinson, Evans, Ebron all on the board look for Whaley to drive a harder bargin-or just sit tight and use the pick. St Louis sends Buffalo #13 and #44 for #9 in order to get a complement to Tavon Austin. St Louis Rams take WR Mike Evans

10. Oakland Raiders: The Raiders let Jared Veldheer leave. Donald Penn and Austin Howard won't keep the Raiders from replacing him with the OT many rate as the best in the draft. Oakland Raiders take OT Greg Robinson

11. Tennessee Titans: The Titans have a lot of needs and there are some questions as to whether or not Locker is the long term answer at QB. Linebacker is a bigger need than most now that the team is moving to the 3-4. Tennessee Titans take LB CJ Mosley

12. New Jersey Giants: The Giants have had offensive line issues for a while. Eli Manning, who inexplicably still has more rings than Peyton, can carve up defenses if he has adequate protection. New Jersey Giants take OT Taylor Lewan.

13. Buffalo Bills: The Bills have an extra 2nd rounder and are still looking at taking the first TE, DT or CB off the board. Of those the offense clearly needs more help than the defense. The great news for Buffalo in this situation is that one of Evans, Robinson, Mosley, Lewan and Ebron will be on the board at #13. Buffalo Bills take TE Eric Ebron.

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