Why do we out think ourselves?

I wanted to ask the best, so, I am posting this:

What do the following have in common?

Ray Lewis,

JJ Watt,

Emmitt Smith,

Brett Farve, and

Michael Strahan all have in common (and this is far far far from a complete list)?

Answer: They are all players who were expected to be impact players who weren't taken early in the draft. They weren't taken b/c they weren't value, so, they slid to some lucky team until "Value" was too great.

I don't get it. What good is value if the guy doesn't turn out? We all know about the bad players that teams draft. But, what about the solid ones that they don't choose b/c they don't have good value? I think that is one of the reasons that I respect Seattle b/c when they wanted Irvin, they chose him, value be darned. They were smart enough to know that value is all fine and dandy, but, they need players that can do this or that.

I think value is a dinosaur. I have heard that the team shouldn't draft a Tackle that high b/c that isn't good value. WHO CARES? If the guy they draft ends up being a good player, I don't care who they take as long as it isn't a Punter or Kicker, unless even that is a new breed (the horse that could kick 100 yard field goals for example, I'd spend a first on him). Why are we so obsessed with value? What good is a pat on the back with great value if the guy we passed on ends up being an all pro at a spot we needed help in? Isn't it true that this is now a passing league? Last I checked, the QB can only pass as long as he is standing. So, isn't it possible that LT and RT might be much more important then once thought, you know, since it is a PASSING LEAGUE? It's the opposite of the great Running Back needed of days past. Dinosaurs are extinct for a reason...

I get it if the position isn't a position of need, but, clearly this team has a need on the OL. Personally, if there's a game changer at a spot, I don't care about value, I care about who can play and who can't play. I don't care if they reach and pick a game changer that slid b/c the "value" wasn't good. Seriously, who wouldn't take any of those players listed above?

So, why is value important when it has no basis on if a guy can play and in retrospect, a guy like Donte Whitner when we could have had a game changer in Ngata?

Suteck Out!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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