Been Waiting All Weekend

Hello All.

Before the draft, rumours swirled that the Buffalo Bills wanted to trade up. I laughed it off as a elaborate smokescreen by our whiz kid GM Doug Whaley. Naturally, I was wrong. I cannot sit here as I type this and say that i'm not a litte discouraged they didn't take Khalil Mack, but Sammy Watkins is damn good consolation prize. Watkins brings something to the Bills that they have sorrily missed since Eric Moulds left Buffalo. A WR who is open on every play, regardless of those covering him. Watkins is physical beyond his years, he can go up and get the ball and he is a damn good run blocker. This kid is a specimen and a fantastic football player. I could care less we don't have a 1st next year. You cannot in the NFL think about what could be. Every year in the NFL is completley different. Schedules, injuries, Home vs Away games. the NFL is a right now league. live in the now because yoiu have no idea what could happen on the next play. Everyone thinks this is a bad trade because we have historically had top 10 picks and while I understand the thoughts of that, how can a culture change if you keep operating at status quo.

Big Cyris and Cyril and Seantrel. Well aren't the names of these boy's awesome. 3 Huge O Lineman. Doug Marrone has said it publicly before you cannot have too much depth at offensive line. What I absolutley love about these 3 selections is all 3 have tremendous athletic ability. Average height is 6'6 and average weight is 330. I mean these are BIG boys. CJ, Fred, Bryce, Dixon any one of these guys should be able to hide behind the massive oline. Cyrus and Cyril have a legitmate chance at being 2 of starting 5 olineman not to mention that is Seantrel just figures it out he could potentially supplant someone as well.

Preston Brown:

Let me think about this for 1 second. Big, Strong, Physical, Quick. All of these traits are things you love to hear when describing a LB. Now before I go any further, I would like to say this. When Doug Whaley was in Pittsburgh these are the LB's they brought in. Timmons (was considered to short), Harrison (said he couldn't get the job done), Woodley, Kirkland (Said he was overweight and past his prime), Larry Foote (said to be to old). Hmmmmmm Those are all FANTASTIC football players. Harrison was the MVP of the superbowl. Any single NFL football player would die to have the career Larry Foote had. All said Kiko was a reach. So forgive me when I trust Doug Whaley's judgement on a LB.

Russ Cockrell:

This isn't your grandpa'a Duke football program. This is a program that now has a guy widely considered as one of the main reasons the Mannings have had such fantastic careers. David Cutcliffe. He is one of the main reasons we took a flyer on Thad Lewis and that seemed to work for us. I'm just saying if Cutcliffe has nothing but great things to say about a kid. Again, forgive me if I trust his judgement.


Another Doug Whaley LB. Enough said for me.

Now to the trades.

We have 7 picks in next years draft. Exactly as many as any other team that has not made any trades. Weird.

Secondly, the addition of Bryce Brown. We struggled last year because of injuries to CJ and Fred. neither was 100% healthy. And neither could get healthy because we had no depth at the position. So we have added Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown. Brown is a great runner. Good in space but has struggled mightly with ball protection. I for one was ok with just nathony Dixon being the depth now i feel we may have a crowded backfield. im not a fan of crowded backfields as guys can never really get in THEIR grove. Only time will tell.

The trade of Stevie Johnson.

While I own a Stevie Johnson Jersey. I think the trade benefits everyone involved. Stevie gets to go home, he is out of our conference and we opened up some room for the depth guys. From Buffalo's standpoint, it was pretty evident last year that Hackett wants to be almost completley vertical on the outside with his WR routes. Stevie sadly is not a go route type route runner. he is a technician, takes shhify angles to the ball and generally beats his man with odd timing. This worked well for Fitzy, i don't know how well it will or would have worked with EJ. So now we have 4 Go route types(Goodwin, Graham, Watkins, Williams) , and a shifty slot guy in Robert Woods. Stevie just wan't the type of WR this offense needed/wanted. If Stevie is the WR we all think he is we will get a 3rd rounder in return. Considering we just gave a 6th for Mike Williams. i'll take the 3rd.

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