Can someone explain this to me

Hello Fellow Rumblers,

I wanted to talk about the "horrible deal" that some are saying that the Bills did for Sammy Watkins. I don't understand why people feel this way.

Let me explain why. IF you look at the points scale, the Browns pick was worth 1800 pts. The Bills pick was worth 1350. That means that in order to move up to 4, they'd have to give up a difference of 450 pts which is their number 2 (the pick is worth 490 so, 450 with 40 pts "left over") to make it an even trade. Would you have rather them make that trade and go into the season without a solid RT and a solid (potential) RG? If we give away that second, we also lose the extra 5th we got. So, in this case, since we turned our second into a second and a 5th, we'd be giving up 3 picks.

The other thing that I wanted to add is that not all first rounders are created equal. Who would you rather have AJ Green or say Donte Whitner and Marshawn Lynch? Or would you rather have Julio Jones or (this time I chose Cinci's) Keith Rivers and Leon Hall? Who would you rather have, 1 elite player or 2 solid ones?

They had a chance to get an elite talent on his first contract and draft him (as opposed to getting Mario on his second). It has been widely stated that they would have taken Ebron at 9. There is no doubt that Watkins is a far better player. If Watkins lives up to his billing, and joins the elite ranks by season 3, then I think the trade was well worth it. You can get solid players in the rest of the draft. We got Kiko in the second. We got our starting LT in the second.

Lastly, there is no rule that says we can't trade back into the first next year. We don't even know how the talent level will be next year. IMO, I'd rather pay more next year to keep the picks this year, and that was the choice they made. Pay more later to get more talent now. IF they hit on that talent, where is the weakness on this team? IF the draft picks work out, they are solid at:

WR, HB (with that trade), OT, OG, C, DE, DT, LB, CB, and whatever spot Aaron Williams lines up at (FS or SS). We are okay at TE (lets hope that Moeki can get healthy). The only real question marks are at S and QB.

Lets face it, if the starters stay healthy, this team is really solid. All EJ has to be is good, he is not needed to carry this team b/c the star talent is still on the defensive side of the ball. With Sammy Watkins, now we have a stud on the offensive side. Hopefully, CJ and BB can carry the run game. The OL can run block better then most other lines out there. Let them grind it out, just like Seattle did, all the way to a championship game. I'd watch Ground Chuck again if it led to a playoff season!

If you approve the trade and think he's worth it, then you also have to accept that the price must be paid either this year, or next, and I am fine with paying the piper next year.

Go Bills

Suteck Out!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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