Mind Dump - All Over

O.K. here's an ADD type mind dumb.

1) Why does it seem like Bills fans are more invested in making sure we have certain picks in the draft than acquiring good football players? When did it start being more about picks and compensation than getting good players?

Last I looked we got some pretty good football players this past weekend, regardless of how they were acquired Buffalo got what they wanted. I don't think it has to be more than that and i'm certainly not looking forward to the 2015 draft in May of 2014.

2) I love Doug Whaley's approach. Why? Because this is his shot. He might only get one shot at being a GM in the NFL and he's going and getting the guys he wants. Why do people give a rats ass that they gave up a 1st next year for Watkins? Is that your job to lose? Are you the GM of the Bills who's job, reputation and time is fully invested?

We should be ecstatic that he is an actual river boat gambler because at least he's playing the game.

3) Do people just make snap judgments off of media prognosticators and scouting profiles or what? Seriously, when Preston was drafted this place all went 2 down LB waste of a 3rd round pick route. Then you go ahead and watch the Bills talk about Preston and how they view him as a 3 down LB. Then go and watch his clips and see that he can cover in space, although you'd want to limit said space.

Just remember that Cordy Glenn isn't a LT. But then again Aaron Williams isn't a corner. Get it? LET IT PLAY OUT

4) This is a playoff roster.

5) I miss Al Davis, that guy was about getting good football players. Even if he was wrong he was all about it. Ray guy and Sebastian Janikowski. 2 first round kickers/punters that were worth more than most 1st round picks. Good eye Al. Way to get your guys

6) I don't care about Stevie Johnson not being on my team. Is he a good football player? Sure is. Does it really matter and make a difference to the Bills? No, not really. He didn't propel this team to wins very often and that's what we need.

Plus, unless someone has some inside information we are not at OBD every day and have no idea what the dynamic is between anything. Stevie Johnson doesn't "put this team over the top".

7) Is anyone more optimistic about resigning Spiller after a RB hasn't been taking in the 1st round the past 2 years? I feel like that should make a difference.

8) I think Joe B always throws a name out there the day of the draft to help the Bills.

9) I think i'm already over the Bills ownership. I really don't want them to move, but I don't like the speculation and talks surrounding it at all. I find it all very boring and depressing so i'm just going to hope for the best and have a good day.

10) Patch your Linux kernel.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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