Best case scenario, realistic Case scenario, and worst case scenario predictions for Bills rookies

Sammy Watkins

Best case scenario: Watkins comes out of the gate guns blazin and shows the rest of the NFL they were idiots for not trying to trade up for him either. He'll rack up around 1,400 receiving yards, with 84 rec. and 2100 all-purpose yards along with 13 receiving TD and 4 running TD. He makes big play after big play and creates major head aches for D Coordinators, and instantly becomes one of the best WRs in the NFL

Realistic case scenario: Watkins comes and plays hard and is the best rookie WR from the draft with around 900-1000 receiving yards and 60 rec. He racks up around 1500 all purpose yards and 8 TD, replacing the production we lost in Stevie Johnson.

Worst case scenario: Watkins struggles to adjust to NFL, and him and EJ never develop any chemistry what so ever. He struggles to produce with only 500 receiving and 32 rec. and 600 all purpose yards along with only 3 TD.

Cyrus Kouandjio

Best case scenario: Kouandjio comes in and plays like an all-pro protecting EJ by only allowing one sack, and creating running holes the size of Bartolo Colon. He starts all 16 games with out any issues, and makes every teams doctor who said his knees would be an issue look like a schmuck.

Realistic case scenario: Kouandjio comes and plays like a average rookie RT, slowly developing and getting better. He allows about 5 sacks and is stronger in the run game than in pass protection.

Worst case sceanrio: Cyrus struggles right from the start, and is unable to win the RT position from Erick Pears or Chris Hariston. Eventually Pears goes down from an injury forcing Kouandjio to start. He struggles in the games he starts, allowing 8 sacks, and only goeing backwards in run blocking.

Preston Brown

Best case scenario: Brown wins the SLB (SAM LB position) from Keith Rivers, starting the beginning of the season and plays at high level. He racks up over 120 tackles, 30 TFL, 5 int, 6 sacks and plays excellent in coverage. He proves that he's a three down player and plays almost every defensive snap.

Realistic case scenario: Preston Brown lives up to his his billing of a 2 down thumper, subbing in for Keith Rivers on running downs. He collects about 75 tackles, 15 for a loss, and collects about 2 sacks. He sets the edge well on the run downs.

Worst case scenario: Brown struggles in his supposed best attribute, run defense. He rarely sees the field, but is forced to play when Brandon Spikes gets injured, and he totally struggles at the MLB position, with not being able to handle the calls and he couldn't keep up with the physicality of the position. He's limited to special teams play.

Ross Cockrell

Best case scenario: The rookie CB switches over to FS and makes us all forgot the name Jairus Byrd. He finishes the year with the 80 tackles, 30 passes defended, and 9 int. He is amazing in coverage and decent in run support. He never gives up the home run ball, and he masks any deficiencies our pass defense has.

Realistic case scenario: Cockrell challenges Mckelvin for the #2 spot, and comes close to unseating the vet but isn't able to pull of the upset. He's put as a depth corner that comes out when teams go to their 4 or 5 reciver sets with a TE split out wide. He plays admirably, bringing in 50 tackles, 10 passes defensed, and 2 int. He's plays well for a rookie in pass coverage, his run defending leaves something to be desired.

Worst case scenario: Cockrell doesn't adjust to the NFL level and he struggles to handle NFL receivers. He gets burned often and doesn't handle the run well at all. He finishes the year with only 20 tackles, 5 PD, and 0int. This leaves our depth terribly thin and doesn't allow Schwartz to do some things he normally would on defense.

Cyril Richardson

Best case scenario: Richardson goes and puts on a show in training camp, taking over Urbick's spot at RG. He takes the position and doesn't look back. He turns into the Warford of this years draft. His pass blocking is amazing allowing only 1 sack, and his run blocking is even better, creating huge holes for Spiller and Freddy to run through. He collects a pro bowl award and anchors the inside of the O-line for years to come.

Realistic case scenario: Richardson comes in and challenges right away for a starting G job, he takes over for Urbick half way through the season. He plays well for a rookie, his run blocking turns out to be superb, but his pass protection is average allowing 4 sacks through 8 games. He turns into the starter heading into next season.

Worst case scenario: Cyril if forced to start right away because of injuries before he is ready, and struggles right of the bat. He is unable to handle the stronger DTs of the NFL, and lets inside pressure in on almost every play. He is just as bad in run blocking and if forced out of the line up as soon as someone is healthy enough to replace him.

Randell Johnson

Best case scenario: Johnson puts his athleticism and football skills together and takes over Keith Rivers spot at SLB. He develops some pass rushing skills and is a force for the Bills' defense, acquiring 80 tackles, 20 TFL, 11 sacks, and 3 int.

Realistic case scenario: Johnson makes the team after displaying great athletic ability and is used as a depth OLB for either Kiko or Rivers. He plays sparingly, only having 20 tackles.

Worst case scenario: Johnson's athleticism doesn't translate well to the NFL and he struggles in Training Camp getting cut half way through pre-season.

Seantrel Henderson

Best case scenario: Henderson puts his drug issues behind him and comes in and plays at the level he is capable of playing , beating both Pears and Kouandjio out for the RT spot, and earning pro-bowl honors. He protects EJ by only allowing 1 sack and uses his size excellently in the run game.

Realistic case scenario: Henderson makes the team as a depth player and holds off on the drugs for at least the first year. In that time he slowly gets reps in practice and eventually starts at G/T when injuries strike. He later gets found out for using drugs and Buffalo has a decision to make.

Worst case scenario: Henderson never kicks his drug issues, and he over doses/gets cut and never sees the light of an NFL football field again.

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