PreDraft Luncheon Connections

It is really dragging huh everyone?! If it was this time last year we would have already known who the new members of the Buffalo Bills were and debating on value and what we would have changed but generally pleased with who we ended up with.

This post is all about the Pre-Draft Luncheon and some patterns that have developed over the years. I reviewed the transcripts from 2011 to the present here they are:

After looking over the years of how the conference is set up and questions are asked you can grasp a pattern. Though it may not be Earth shattering every bit counts this time of year when we are twiddling our thumbs waiting to here and with the "blank" pick of 2014 NFL draft the Buffalo Bills Select....

Some Consistencies:

  • Luckily the process has stayed relatively the same between how they prepare for the draft and the way the board is constructed. The only difference is having to wait as the Draft gets pushed back. There was a slight alteration in 2011 with Free Agency happening after the fact, but that still didn't affect the process of how they prepare.
  • They are asked each year about trading and the response is literally the same each year. We are flexible but it takes two to tango.

Intriguing Insights if they still hold true:

  • It is interesting to see how guarded the Bills are when it comes to answering questions about players they eventually selected with their 1st round pick. The only exception was Marcel Dareus who at picking at 3 they were getting a great player regardless. They did gush slightly about Gilmore but tempered it by quickly stating Rounds 2-4 they were stacking guys at DB. It is very noticeable in my opinion when they talk about Manuel.
  • Views On Linebacker position Circa 2011 by Doug Whaley. Seems like the found that in Kiko Alonso for the Will but also important that size is more of a factor for the MIK and SAM. Spence was drafted by the Steelers and hasn't played a down, Tampa got David who has been a productive player. I think it is a good point to make when discussing depth at Linebacker and balancing what we have selected in the past. I.E Kiko/Nigel
On Nebraska LB Lavonte David and Miami LB Sean Spence: Doug Whaley: With the new 4-3 defense that we're employing right now the size of those guys, especially on the will side, is not that big of a determining factor. We believe Lavonte David is an instinctive guy that adds an added bonus of being able to detach from the box and cover a split out wide receiver or a flex tight end which we're going to be seeing a lot of in our division. Sean Spence is a heck of a football player. He's instinctive, more in the box, and if he was two inches taller we'd probably be talking about him as a MIK because of his instincts and his ability to play the run. Now that doesn't mean he still doesn't have the ability to detach and cover, but both of those guys are very good football players; one maybe a little stronger in the coverage and the other a little stronger in the run. But they both would be assets to our football team.
  • They have the trend of highlighting the depth of a position but still selecting it very early in the draft. 2012 with Offensive Tackle and Cornerback.
  • How important the mental make up of a pick is important to the Bills and not the raw just other dimensions. They really press to figure out how much you know about football and that you are a scout of the game.
  • Speed is valued to the Bills especially at WR/DB. It seems that the 3rd Round on if you have blazing speed that factor weighs in quite a bit for the Bills. They highlight that in 2012 draft lunch.
  • How high they are on a healthy Chris Hairston. I don't think the Bills were guessing Glenn would fall to the 2nd round since most had him as 1st round lock. Either way it was interesting to read Buddy's Quote sounds a little familiar with how some view Cyrus Kouandjio:
  • Chris Hairston I think can be a really good left tackle. He's a rookie. It's going to take him a little bit. He got some good experience this year… again, I think with his length and all that, that Chris Hairston, he's a smart guy, can play over there and be serviceable for us. I'm going to make this clear: we think Chris Hairston can play left tackle for us and win. He did it and he went in there… he may not be the prettiest foot athlete but he's got so much length that he can protect the back side. We feel like he can do that.

    • 2013 Draft Lunch they stated that they think Nigel Bradham has the ability 3 down linebacker and his special teams prowess. Specifically due to the fact that he can fly. Though Nix was quick to say it depends on Coach's, so maybe Schwartz, Pagac could help him develop. I like what I saw out of him towards end of last year.
    • Knowing now that we traded down in 2013 the Pre Draft Luncheon they talk up Tavon Austin and Manti Teo. Perhaps to bait in teams they thought may be interested in selecting each player so they could move down.
    • The main point of the Pre Draft Visits is to have them show how much learning ability they have, and for the coach to really assess what type of studying player they have.

    Final Thoughts:

    It just felt like they almost talked up Ebron too much. Perhaps I'm off but wouldn't shock me if they were setting the market for the #9 pick to move down. I think they want to add a pick to take a flier on a TE in the 2nd round while also being able to address Defense or OT. So they could mix up either CB,OT, WR/TE for first 3 picks. Then focus on depth at LB and solid RB prospect.

    It seems the only position with limited depth is DE, but I wouldn't be surprised for the Bills to find someone none of us have even thought to picture them with i.e Kiko Alonso or Jarius Byrd.

    One other trend I've been noticing is us losing 2nd round picks that have actually worked out. I hope that stops with Glenn which makes me wonder if they will wait to select OL.

    Feel free to leave your thoughts.

    Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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