mock your picks rnd one

Heres your chance to predict what you think is going to happen in round one. Everyone has there opinion on who's going where or perhaps just what they would like to see.

Include trades and long shots guys falling or rising its your mock. Then comeback and compare it 6 days from now and see how you did.

Ill make my picks right here just remember rnd one only. I really only think the run on Qbs happens if Houston trades down.

1 Falcons- trade up for Clowney

2 Rams-Watkins

3 Jags-Bortles Houston trades down making them think they'll go qb now so they better get theres.

4 Cleavland-Manziel. Bortles gone and a slew of qbs hungry teams to follow cleavland picks qb. They have a slew of picks to add talent but franchise qbs ya never know and ya want your.

5 Oakland-Robinson #2 guy on my board good pick

6 Houston-Bridgewater The run on qbs has changed there mind on def and selecting Mack.

7 Tampa Bay- Evans

8 Minnesota-Mack To good to pass up another scenerio id say they trade down.

Buffalo in a great position now having 2 OTs on the board Ebron Rams come calling. Bills say Mathews are guy. Sooo

9 Rams- Mathews. Rams excited get elite wideout and top WR

10 Detroit Ha Ha Clinton Dix. I thought there was alot of options still left in round 2 for detroit to add playmaker

11 Darqueze Dennard big need at Corner

12 Giants-Ebron I had alot of possibilities I explored but giants go with big play potential and top TE

13 Bills-Lewan Whaley has repeatedly said how to use the media to your advantage. Selling the trade up idea, the bills not drafting an OT in rnd 1 in along time and selling the bills not bringing him in as a pre draft visitor. Plus he's the best player available on my board at this time. Filling a glaring need. Bills also get Rams 2nd rnd pick due to the value rams saw Mathews as.

14 Chicago- Aaron Donald

15 Pittsburgh- Odell Beckam Jr they need playmaker

16 Miami- Martin Dolphins move up in fear of Baltimore selecting him

17 San fran-Justin Gilbert Baltimore after martin pick contemplates the idea of trade. 49ers realize jets are an option for corner and have a slew of picks to get one of the top corners

18 Jets-Brandin Cooks need to add playmaker. Elite speed and route runner need to take pressure off decker

19 Dallas-Barr needed to add pass rush after losing Ware

20 Arizona- Calvin Pryor need upgrade at safety

21 kansas City- Marquise Lee jump ahead of Philly to get lee and didnt give up much

22 Philidelphia- Cody Latimore. Guy is sky rocketing up the board and KC stole there guy

23 Green Bay Mosley There estatic get a guy who is 12th on my board and picked up draft pick to still get there guy 2 picks later

24 Cinci- Kyle Fuller very good pick up for him as this is where the rest of the corners will be coveted

25 San Diego- Verrett San Diego needs good corners for there system hes a good fit for them and roby slipping here.

26 Cleavland-Kelvin Benjamin add another threat for manziel opposite gordon

27 Buffalo- Shazier Yup whaley wasnt lying about trading up haha cant pass up getting Shazier at this late and after gaining a second it was a no brainer. BUT Ealy was very very tempting.

28 Carolina-Moses they need protection very good fit

29 New England- Timmy Jernigan

30 Baltimore- Davante Adams. They may have reached a bit but after gaining a second they have lots of options to address TE, OT, and even Safety with very good options

31 Denver-Kony Ealy I think this is a very good scenerio for Denver

32 Seattle- Stephon Tuitt another solid fit for seattle after losing red bryant

The next Bills pick is the one they got from the Rams in rnd 2 I really wanted to go Buccannon or jimmie ward on this one but intuition tells me its going to be ASJ Or Niklas I wouldnt complain about any of them!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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