A different draft approach

In the alternate reality where I am the GM of the Bills, I try a different approach. I identify 3 players that I believe will transform the offense into the vision the current coaches have, give EJ Manuel every chance to succeed, and I find a way to land them. Those 3 players are:

Mike Evans

Carlos Hyde

Ja'Wuan James.

For Evans, I am able to swing a trade with the pick needy Raiders to move up to 5th and grab Evans before the Bucs can grab him. For this, I send the Raiders Stevie Johnson back home to the bay, and this years 3rd round pick. Evans' size, hands and physicality look awful good on a cold December day with a generally inaccurate QB.

Having watched a large amount of Big 10 football - I really want Carlos Hyde. Big, powerful with quick feet for his size, and reasonable speed for a very large power back. Reminds me of a quicker Jamal Lewis. To accomplish this, I send the Nawlins Saints CJ Spiller (who would be properly used in Sean Payton's offense) and next years 1st round pick to move back into the 1st round at the 27th spot and grab Hyde.

With the Bills 2nd round pick, I take Ja'Wan James and send Eric Pears to a reserve role. Regarded highly in pass protection - will keep the heat off EJ from the right tackle spot, and with Carlos Hyde in the backfield, his somewhat deficient run blocking won't matter as much. Hyde isn't running wide anyway - he's going into the A gap, as that seems to fit Marrone's offensive philosophy.

In the 4th round, I'd select Aaron Murray if he's there.

5th and 7th rounds - who cares? Not likely to make an improved roster, anyway. I identified 3 players I believe give my coaching staff the identity of offense that they want, and went out and got them. Now the onus is on Marrone and Manuel to make it work.

Aggressive? You bet. Unlikely, Sure! Do I know it doesn't fit the "trade value chart?" Yes, of course - but I don't put any stock in anything Jimmy Johnson had a hand in. As much as I like Stevie Johnson and CJ Spiller, they don't seem to fit the vision for the offense that Marrone has in mind, and both are headed for contract years and likely to leave or be asked to leave. So, have replaced them with big, physical players.

Please feel free to call me crazy - but if I were GM of the Bills, I'd shoot for these 3 guys and see what happens.

Here's looking forward to Thursday night. Prost!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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