What is a Good Draft?

The dumbest part of the NFL Draft cycle is grading the draft the day after it completes. We all do this in some way because we are fans and human and judging is something a fan does. But what makes a draft a good draft when we don't really know how good the players are until a few years later when their careers are judged. Here are my guidelines of a good draft:

1.) Defining value in a draft is like looking for water in mud because we don't know what rumors are true, what are other teams saying, and more importantly what players will do in the league. With that being said I like to think of the 10 pick rule in the 1st RD and the 20 pick rule in the mid 2nd RD and later is the way to go. What I mean by this is if a player is on the board in a general understanding they are the 20th best player in the draft and the 11th overall pick uses it on that player than I'm ok with it. Just dont be picking a player at 11th overall which is viewed to be the 39th best player. The value is not there to be losing that much value.

2.) Drafting need! Teams know what areas are in need of improvement. It makes no sense to pick a player that again we don't know how good they will be in few years at a position of strength (Bills drafting Willis McGahee when we had Travis Henry) Just because a player is talented doesn't mean he needs to be drafted. If he is in a position of strength of your team go else where.

3.) Drafting looking past this year. I think that successful teams will not just look at this year while drafting. I'll give an example and that is the Bills and Mike Evans. The Bills appear set at WR. However Mike Williams may get in more trouble, Stevie is going to be making around 8 million, next year so there is def some questions. That is looking past this year.

4.) Never draft a RB in the 1st Round anymore. I believe that teams understand positional value and RB just doesn't have it anymore. Skip over running back until at lest the 2nd RD.

5.) Don't over-think. It was been over 4 months since the last college football game. I think teams that get in trouble are the ones that over-think. If you had a player int eh 3rd RD before the draft process began and now he is in the top half the NFL draft 1st RD your probably over-thinking the process.

Those are 5 rules I have come up with, does anyone have some of there own?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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