NFL Mock Draft Top Ten

Not a science just passing time nursing a hangover

1.) Houston Texans: Jadeveon Clowney. As much as Manziel is talked about the Texans pick a once in a generation talent to go opposite J.J. Watt.

2.) St. Louis Rams: Gregg Robinson. They look for the trade they want to pick up picks but it does not come with Clowney already off the board. They have invested a ton into Sam Bradford and whether he is the guy or not they could use an insurance policy if Jake Long does not come back early on his medical repaired knee.

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Sammy Watkins. The GM for the Jags said it is unlikely Justin Blankmon plays in 2014. They want to go a different direction however they need another weapon for whoever is playing QB for them.

4.) Cleveland Browns: Khalil Mack: The Browns could of gone with a QB here but with a defensive coach in Mike Pettine they decide to go with the 2nd best D player in the draft and someone Coach Pettine can move around the blitz from all over the place.

5.) Oakland Raiders: Johnny Manziel. Doesn't Manziel just feel like a Raider?

6.) Atlanta Falcons: Jake Matthews. Atlanta wanted to trade up but for all of the bolstering of a trade they realize that they have more needs than just pass rusher and didn't want to give that much. They add Matthews to keep Matt Ryan up right and look for pass rusher later in the draft.

7.) Tampa Bay: Mike Evans They need another weapon.

8.) Minnesota Vikings Blake Bortles. They didn't think that Bortles was going to be there at 8th overall. He is the most prototypical QB and after Mike Zimmer seeing what can happen with a average QB physically in Andy Dalton in Cincy they get the one with the highest potential ceiling.

9.) TRADE Dallas Cowboys Aaron Donald. The Cowboys are in transition and need someone who can bring pressure to opposing QBs with the departure of Ware. They don't think that he will fall to them so they make the move and give up their 2nd RD pick. to the Bills in the process.

10.) Detroit Lions: Darqueze Dennard CB

11.) Tennessee Titans: Anthony Barr

12.) New York Giants Taylor Lewan

13.) St. Louis Rams Odell Beckham. This draft is to give Sam Bradford one last chance to prove he is the guy, they added another tackle in Robinson to keep him up right and now they give him another weapon in Beckham.

14.) Chicago Bears Ha Ha Clinton Dix. They need help in the secondary and know they play Stafford and Rogers 4 times a year. They need a play maker in the back end and go with a Nick Saban product.

15.) Pittsburgh Steelers: Justin Gilbert. The Steelers are defined by their defense but sadly it is old and not what it once was, they understand they need to upgrade multiple spots but it is a passing league now so they go with CB first.

16.) Buffalo Bills Eric Ebron: The Bills trade back and don't expect Ebron to still be on the board however he is and they add a big weapon for EJ. They didn't expect this but are running to the podium.

2nd Round

41.) Buffalo Bills Antonio Richardson RT. The Bills add a big body from Tennessee who did as good as anyone else against Clowney. He has a tremendous amount of upside and can plug in at RT. The Bills have answered two holes in a big reciever for EJ and now a big body to protect EJ.

47.) Buffalo Bills Scott Crichton DE. The Bills have a need and Crichton fills the need. Enough said.

Just some thoughts Plus it helped with the hang-over.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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