Bills Big Board going into Draft Week

I think the Bills are "not showing their hand" and sending some smoke screens on players they would trade back and take at #15 - #20, but not #9.

I have complete confidence in GM Doug Whaley and think he is going to do very well drafting again this year. Many people felt last years draft was Whaley's pick and not Nix's. I think that was evident when we didn't take an SEC guy in the first 3 rounds and dared to look west to find two great picks from the Pac 12 in Woods and Alonso.

For fun, this is my big board for the Bills:

1.) Johnny Manziel, QB - I think he has way too much upside and is a very special athlete and QB. Future Pro Bowl QB. Best pick for the new owners, the offense, and the city of Buffalo.

2.) Jadeveon Clowney, DE - I see him as the top DE in the draft. I still think he bust potential is actually higher then Johnny Football's.

3.) Sammy Watkins, WR - Best WR in a good group. A great playmaker for any team.

4.) Greg Robinson, T - This guy would be great for the running game and protect EJ on 3rd down and longs.

5.) Mike Evans, WR - I think Evans has pro bowl potential and will have an impact on the right team as a rookie, which is rare for WR's.

6.) Khalil Mack, OLB - Will have a bigger adjustment then most coming from a MAC team. If the Bills where a 3-4 Defense I would rank him a #4.

7.) Anthony Barr, OLB/DE - I think Barr will add some weight in the NFL and learn to set the block. I think he more of a 3-4 OLB, but he would fit into a wide-9, 4-3 scheme that Swartz will use. I thin Swartz covets him at this point, could be the guy that make the scheme switch this year less painful.

8.) Taylor Lewan, T - Lewan concerns don't bother me quite as much after I watch more tape. I just think the Bills would have to be comfortable moving Glenn or Lewan to right tackle.

9.) Aaron Donald, DT - I would hate to see the other top 8 of the board and force the Bills to take Donald at #9, but I see him as the best player available after these 8. The only other consideration at BPA here is Bortles. I see a drop-off after that.

Overall, This is my board, but I think depending on what St. Louis does at #2 and when a QB comes off the board the Bills will trade up (not to #1 though) or trade back. I don't think they trade away the 2015 1st round pick.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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