NFL Draft 2014: history of the No. 9 overall pick

Jonathan Daniel

Not all drafts are created equal, but let's compare previous No. 9 overall picks in NFL history anyway.

For the fifth time in five years, the Buffalo Bills are scheduled to pick in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft. They're slotted in at No. 9 overall for the 2014 NFL Draft; the last time they picked there, they took Clemson running back C.J. Spiller in 2010.

Prior to Spiller, the Bills held the ninth pick twice, selecting two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Haven Moses in 1968 and shipping the pick to Jacksonville in 1998 as part of the Rob Johnson trade. (Fred Taylor was a pretty good choice for the Jaguars.) The Bills also signed former ninth overall pick Keith Rivers this offseason.

What kind of player can the Bills expect to pick at number nine - should they stay at that spot - and what can they expect to pay that player? Here is a look at the last 25 years.

2013 - Dee Milliner, DB, Jets
2012 - Luke Kuechly, LB, Panthers
2011 - Tyron Smith, OL, Cowboys
2010 - C.J. Spiller, RB, Bills
2009 - B.J. Raji, DT, Packers
2008 - Keith Rivers, LB, Bengals
2007 - Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Dolphins
2006 - Ernie Sims, LB, Lions
2005 - Carlos Rogers, DB, Redskins
2004 - Reggie Williams, WR, Jaguars
2003 - Kevin Williams, DT, Vikings
2002 - John Henderson, DT, Jaguars
2001 - Koren Robinson, WR, Seahawks
2000 - Brian Urlacher, LB, Bears
1999 - Chris Claiborne, LB, Lions
1998 - Fred Taylor, RB, Jaguars
1997 - Tom Knight, DB, Cardinals
1996 - Ricky Dudley, TE, Raiders
1995 - Kyle Brady, TE, Jets
1994 - Antonio Langham, DB, Browns
1993 - Lincoln Kennedy, OT, Falcons
1992 - Tommy Vardell, RB, Browns
1991- Stanley Richard, DB, Chargers
1990 - Richmond Webb, OT, Dolphins
1989 - Sammy Smith, RB, Dolphins

Kevin Williams is the most distinguished, having been named to five All-Pro teams, followed closely by Urlacher's four. Richmond Webb was twice named to the squad, while Lincoln Kennedy and Luke Kuechly made it once. Still, that's only five All-Pros in a list of 25 players.

The Pro Bowlers are slightly more numerous, since there are more spots on that squad. Urlacher leads the list with eight appearances, followed by Webb with seven, Williams with six, Kennedy with three, John Henderson with two, and Kuechly, Tyron Smith, C.J. Spiller, B.J. Raji, Carlos Rogers, Koren Robinson and Taylor with a single trip apiece.

Three No. 9 overall picks are enshrined in the Hall of Fame: tackle Bruce Matthews (1983), receiver Lenny Moore (1956), and running back Hugh McElhenney (1952), with Urlacher potentially joining their ranks someday.

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