From Cinga's Perspective: The draft, and the Bills future

I love how my fellow Bills fans are always so into the draft!

It's always been one of the most exciting times of the year for us, bobbing and weaving, as we try to guess who the Bills will target in the draft. But my friends... This is a draft, the Bills have NEVER experienced before, but except for other variables, I could actually compare to the team of the late 80's, missing but a piece or 2 from great things...

But alas.... There's a big difference we know nothing about....

Mr Wilson, our beloved owner, the only owner the Buffalo Bills have ever had, just passed away. Rumors are, we will have a new owner before the new season begins, and approved early in the season. Think on that a minute... Even if we take out of the equation, all the talk of relocation, and what we may think individually of each prospective owner, we have no idea what that owner is going to do even short term....

This means in fact, EVERYONE at One Bills Drive, from Russ Brandon, to the cleaning staff, is in job interview mode... Some of them, and possibly all of them, may lose their jobs once new ownership is approved... So what does this mean???

Well, simple really, they are all scouting/coaching/administering/cleaning/playing for their jobs... Think of this a moment... A couple days ago, the meeting between Brandon and Gasliano.... Who was interviewing who???

I think in most respects, all of us Bills fans like the current front office, and want to give them another couple years to prove us wrong, but again, this year is like no year we have ever had before in Buffalo, and I'm sure the front office is well aware of this fact...

So this poses a couple questions we don't know the answer too:

Will OBD continue what most assume, and play the draft "steady as we go"?? My own thoughts, I wish we would, and the time since Mr Wilson passed would seems to prove they will, but I doubt it....

Will OBD go all in, betting the future on winning now?? My own thoughts, wow, I want so desperately to convince myself we won't, but I can't do it....

But here's why....

As I said above, I see this team as extremely close to what we had, talent wise, in the late 80's. We were a team on the cusp, and we made a gamble in '87 that cost us in the future, but paid big dividends as well. And again, we're not that far away.... If you don't know the trade, google Biscuit... :-)

Cinga's draft prediction.... I expect the unexpected (playing it safe huh?)!!!

If we take everything above into account, please, don't expect us to draft ANY player who is developmental in any regard...I know OT is a big mock scenario (love the thread about T Rex Martin at 9 :-) but no, for THIS year, we can live with Pears/Hairston (though Matthews is an easy pick if there at 9, no trade up please!)... WR??? Stocked, for this year.... CB??? We're 4 deep, for this year... Safety?? I don't think anyone in this draft is worth it at 9, and can make an immediate impact, this year...

SO, what does that leave, for IMMEDIATE impact? The players we could get, that would definitely have a big impact on the team this year?

IMHO, there are only 2 1/2... :-) Ranked in my order:

Kalil Mack: I know the pundits, not suited for our defense, but the pundits are full of sh1t... Mack can play in any defense, and almost any position in the front 7, a player made for today's NFL that can constantly be moved around, and frustrate offenses. Mack doesn't fit into a defense, the defense fits to him...

Clowney: Again, I know the criticism, but while in no waydo I compare the 2, I remember the same criticism of one Bruce Smith... If Clowney is half as good, and cost us next year's one, I'm ecstatic!

Ebron: He's the half (1/2) the fall back guy I think... If we can't swing a deal to get Mack or Clowney, or the obvious, but unexpected fall of Matthews (RT is NOT impact, but could instill fan fear if passed over :-), I think he has the most immediate impact for this year...

No, we won't draft a project with off the charts measurables like Richardson, nor the t rex lightweight dude Martin at 9... The only OT for immediate impact is arguably, Matthews... I said immediate folks....

Bills fans, I hope and pray I'm wrong, but many at OBD, starting with Mr Brandon himself, may not have an NFL job soon, so may be writing their resumes throughout this very draft... I know we all hope it's a draft for the future, but we have to remember, it's quite possible, it's a draft for there here, and now....

Finally, a farewell Thank You to Mr Wilson, the greatest owner I think we will ever know!!!

JMHO, so, get a grip before you slam the post...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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