Draft Sage: Draft Predictions

Defense Will Rule Round 1

My personal opinion is that we are going to see a run on defense in the first round of the draft. This is because of the lack of depth at defensive positions. This is not to say that this years draft class lacks star power on defense, but that there is a lack of depth at most positions on the defensive side of the ball. Because of this, GMs will know that they cant get the defensive talent in the later rounds that they might be able to get in the first round. This will lead to teams that need help on defense reaching for positions that they would normally wait on, forcing offense down the board. Which leads me to my next point.

Offensive Players Will Be Pushed Down Draft Boards

This draft is so deep with offense that players that you would normally see in the first round are considered to be second round picks. Teams will wait on getting players knowing that they can get another player with the exact same skill set later on in the draft, thus pushing players down.

Only Two QBs Will Be Selected In The 1st Round

Early in the off-season it was being predicted that 3-4 QBs could go in the first round. I believe that teams will look at the 2011 draft and learn their lessons about reaching for QBs and only one or two QBs will in the first round. Those two being Manziel and Bortles.

Both Houston And St. Louis Will Trade Out Of Their Picks Top Picks

It's been rumored since the beginning of the off-season that Houston and St. Louis were looking to move back in the draft, and I believe that they will. Teams like the Falcons, Lions, and Bills have all been rumored to be looking to move up in the draft. At least one of them will pull off a trade that's going to shake up the draft.

The Bills Will Trade Back

All we've been hearing is that the Bills have been wanting to trade up. I want to suggest to you that all we heard last year was that the Bills were going to take Ryan Nassib. Now they still took a QB, but it wasn't Ryan Nassib. I believe that it will be the same thing this year. There will be a trade for Buffalo, but it will be down, not up

A RB Will Go In The 1st Round

A team like the Denver Broncos could easily justify taking someone like Carlos Hyde with their 1st round pick if the draft falls a certain way

Over 8 to 9 WRs, Possibly More, Will Be Drafted In the 2nd round

While it looks to be pretty clear cut who the WRs are for the 1st round, there is a log jam of receivers that have second round grades. Players such as Donte Moncrief, Martavis Bryant, Cody Latimer, and Jordan Matthews all are most likely to go in the second round of the draft, and if players like Kelvin Benjamin and Marquise Lee fall, it only adds to the selection.

Ebron Will Fall To The Twenties

Ebron has been hyped as the next Vernin Davis. I don't see it, and I don't think other teams do to, or maybe they do and they aren't willing to take a TE early the draft. Who knows? Anyways, I think Ebron is going to experiance a slide on draft day to his rawness and lack of catching skills.

There Is Going To Be One BIIIIIGGGGG Sigh Of Relief When Rodger Goodell utters the words, "Welcome to prime time! The Houston Texans are now on the clock!"

Last year the NFL decided to move the draft back two weeks, and everybody groaned as the wait seemed long enough already. Now the wait has been almost insufferable, the constant mock drafts, rumors upon rumors, draft breakdowns, and scouting reports of players that might not even make a roster. I was in a vicious cycle of not being able to muscle down another scrap of draft anything or reading anything I could get my grimy hands on. I have to admit that it killed my enthusiasm a little, but now that the draft is just hours away I'm skipping like a school girl wherever I go.


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