Could Whaley's Big Decision Been A Long Time Coming?

In deciphering good NFL teams from bad ones what do you look at? All teams get their players from the same source. Most coaches come from other successful coaches. Most personel men come from successful teams.

Many think most NFL teams are very close talent-wise yet some NFL teams win a lot and some hardly ever. If that is true, why is that?

How does a losing team become a winning one? How do you grow a winning team?

Stevie Johnson has been a beloved Buffalo Bill for awhile now. In that time he amassed thousands of yards and scored many TDs. Also in that time he had some awful QB play that greatly hindered his effectiveness; he stats should even be better. But there have been other times; times where the Bills needed a play, the play was there for Stevie and he.....dropped the ball.

Flash forward to week 13 and witness a young Bills QB starting to realize he has the talent to move his football team down the field in seconds. In seconds at least until his veteran, team-leading TE drops a perfect touch pass right in his hands, wide-open -thus killing the drive.

Miraculously, the young QB gets another chance, starts to cut through the D like a hot knife through butter once again until his other veteran leader, his top wide-out, drops another perfectly thrown ball right to him, wide-open.

Can you win in the NFL when you fail to make plays like that?

Can you develop a QB who has all the talent in the world, but needs to gain confidence to grow, like that?

In 2013, the Buffalo Bills drafted such a QB. A cannon arm, a big, tall, athletic kid whom most thought was not a ready for prime time player. When the Bills chose him so much higher than most thought he would go, the Bills had already tied their success or failures to this young man.

Doug Whaley's prime objective is to make sure EJ Manuel develops the confidence of a winner in the NFL. He has the tools, he just has to learn and believe. Doug Whaley simply cannot have inexcusable drops in key moments of his young stud QBs career. Building confidence is of prime importance in all walks of life. It is penultimate when a young less-heralded QB joins a losing franchise.

Doug Whaley's primary objective is that EJ Manuel becomes a confident leader and the clear leader of the Buffalo Bills.

If you want to know why Doug Whaley used a number one pick to move four spots to get a wide receiver the answer may be that he didn't do it for the wide-receiver; he did it for the QB already on the roster. You have to have a very good QB to win in this league, Doug knows that. He has to do everything in his power to ensure EJ Manuel gains that confidence and starts to Billieve.

Sammy Watkins is not going to drop that ball. He's going to take it for seven.

That's why Doug Whaley knew it was worth it to trade up for Sammy Watkins. He knew he had to, for EJ.

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