How about some love for the Big Men of the O-Line

Next up in our way too soon but I am totally board and ready for the Football Season to start is the Big Men who man the offensive line. This year on our 90 man Roster we have 14 big bodies on board looking for the chance to open holes for the running game and to keep E.J. Manuel upright and on the field. 9 Big Boys are back from last year they are:

J.J. Unga; Mark Asper; Cordy Glenn, Chis Hairston, Doug Legursky, Antoine McClain, Erik Pears, Kraig Urbik, and Eric Wood

The 5 new men in no particular order are: Edawn Coughman, Seantrel Henderson, Cyrus Kouandjio, Cyril Richardson, and Chris Williams.

What a group where does one even start? Let’s start with the assumed starting line-up. For the sake of argument and please feel free to share your hopes and dreams in the comment section but I am going to lay out what 99.9% of the sports world assumes will be the opening day starting line up first.

These are the guys who make the no matter what.

LT – Cordy Glenn, LG – Chris Williams, C – Eric Wood, RG – RG – Kraig Urbik, RT – Cyrus Kouandjio

That makes 5 spots. But now how do you break up the rest of the line, who are the back-up and how many do you keep? The battle at tackle could be fierce. You have RT Erik Pears, the veteran who started last year who may not even have a roster spot when the smoke clears. Chris Hairston, he of the bad back has experience starting at both LT and RT so he could be the swing tackle on the team, or perhaps not. Seantrel Henderson might be the most gifted 7th rounder we have had in years. Personal problems including many drug suspensions have hurt his development and Marrone has already said the man has one chance to get his act right. Henderson’s agent Tommy Chong has said no problem man Seantrel is a great kid who’s cleaned up his act. At Guard you have to assume Cyril Richardson has the line on first option for back-up. J.J. Unga has promise and potential but will that be enough. Antoine McClain is well McClain I can honestly say I don’t know much about the guy. Doug Legursky should not make this team but we might need him to be a back-up at center if we don’t think anyone else can do it. Mark Asper is a former draft pick returned after not catching on with the Browns. He has some versatility to play both guard and center. Then there is Edawan Coughman…..Ok then.

My take is Richardson makes it, plus Hairston and Henderson (if he gets his act together). Now I think 1 or two more make the team but it will be Unga, Asper, or Legursky and that is my order I think it all depends on how the Bills feel about the back-up at center.

What say you?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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