Blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.....

Slow news day or what?

When does mini-camp open?

How about our other #1s?

i.e. Chris Williams, Mario, Jerry and Keith?

How bout our #2s... They are almost like #1s because we always suck so bad.....aside from Modrak's last blunder, T Troop, we kick-ass at 2nd round drafting.....Aaron Williams, Cordy Glenn, Kiko and Woods and now Kwan-joe....

Players I am interested seeing in camp....Watkins of course, Mike Williams and Chris Williams and Kwan-joe on offense...of course EJ and the QBs... On D....probably Gilmore more than anyone else....i was hoping Kiko put on 20 lbs. of muscle but did not know he was rehabbing.... My point of all this was about the D-line.... A lot of rumblers refer to the D-line as the starting four but I think that is mistaken. High quality teams roll high quality lineman at you..... I am very interested to see Manny at end (I know Jerry is going to kick-butt and take the majority of the snaps). But Manny is not only next in line but the guy who has to keep Jerry's snaps down. We can't let Jerry take a pounding, playing too much. And if he's hurt it would be great to rest him. We need high quality snaps from Manny to shore up that end position. And should he not be able to play RE, somebody else does...having one undersized legit RDE is not going to take you very far. i also want to see Corbin Bryant and Charles.... To me, along with Branch, they are key personnel on our team. To me, all three exceeded my expectations for 2013. And, to me, Bryant and Charles (or another guy) have to be better than they were in 2013. We were lucky with injuries in 2013 along the line, I don't expect two years of luck in a row. We have to roll linemen, I think we need 8 guys who can play DL at least if we are going to be successful. The starters and the guys listed here add to 8..... Just sayin'

Man, in 2012, I was positive we were gonna make the playoffs.... Then that RE from NE (that kicked-ass all playoffs în 2011) Mark Anderson, got hurt right-away to the IR.

Then Mario was playing with one arm. Kyle played hurt.....Barnett hit the wall....the other LBs stunk and most of all....Fitz stunk like bad clams....and 6 and 10 happened yet again....

I think this team is way better than that team....LBer, RB and CB are way stronger and deeper and the wide-out position is so much better it deserves special mention .

I'd say the O-line is atleast as good as we appear to have replaced last year's losses of Levitre, Rhinehardt and Hairston.

Byrd and Wilson are gone, but Aaron Williams looks a lot like Byrd to me..... We have I think, quality applicants for the other saftey spot and I don't think it will be a weakness.

I think if Manuel stays healthy, EJ is going to be a lot better by September than he is now and a lot better than September by December..... He has an excellent environment to grow in Buffalo and has talent, drive and work ethic..... Can he stay healthy? Can he hone his skills and get his footwork to be natural? And will that get his passes down without turning them into bullets?

Call me crazy but I think we have a shot at winning the superbowl.

If we can avoid major injuries and if EJ can raise his game every week I don't see why not? Seattle and SF were nothing just a few years ago.... It is our time now....

Go Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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