Buffalo Bills news, 6/9: offensive line bigger due to the AFC East

Brett Carlsen

AFC East defenses are forcing the Bills to get bigger on the offensive line.

Bills feel more O-line size is wise in AFC East - BuffaloBills.com

"We talked about this, Doug (Whaley) and I, and we talked about it with the scouts," said Marrone. "I think you can see it throughout the AFC East. I can’t speak for the other teams, but you look at the defensive lineman that are in this division and you’re going against everyone in New York to the guys in Miami and obviously the players in New England and then you look at the players we’re getting. The people inside, everyone is getting bigger players at least in our division if you look at it. We’re doing it for the matchups."

Beyond the stats: Adding Brandon Spikes to the Run Defense | Buffalo Wins

Michael Purinton analyzes Brandon Spikes' snap counts on different downs during the 2013 season. He then goes deeper to show where he is a liability and where is he effective as a playmaker.

Blog Roll

6 reasons to get excited about the Bills RBs in 2014 - BuffaloBills.com
Despite a ton of yards running the ball in 2013, the Bills are poised to have even more in 2014, writes Chris Brown.

Chemistry is Key for EJ Manuel and WRs in 2014 | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
"If Manuel and the Bills are on the same page, the team will be very difficult to slow down. The talent is certainly there. Chemistry is key."

Building the Bills Around One Player | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
Jokes and serious answers on the question, "Who would you building the Bills around?".

Scouting the Veteran Additions: What Corey Graham Brings to the Buffalo Bills | Buffalo Bills Draft
If you need some background on Corey Graham, this is a good look.

Sophomore Spotlight: Dustin Hopkins | Buffalo Bills Draft
Is Dustin Hopkins a goner? Ryan Talbot talks through it.

Buffalo Bills’ Domed Stadium on Lackawanna’s Waterfront is the Only Place | Buffalo Rising
I don't think it's the "only place". Any one else sick of the stadium talk yet?

WEDG-FM - Podcasts
Shredd and Ragan discuss an alleged super-secret meeting between Rogers Communications and some New York politicians that has so much substance behind it, no one else reported anything all weekend. It's the one with Mike Florio from June 6.

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