Dan Lavoie

Deputy Editor

Dan Lavoie joined the Buffalo Rumblings editorial team in the summer of 2014. His work focuses largely on covering college football with an eye toward the NFL Draft, and he also pitches in when needed for the day-to-day management of the site.


Richardson, Henderson give Bills long-term upside


With two picks at the tail end of the draft, the Bills drafted a pair of linemen to develop for the future. Do these players have the talent to eventually break into Buffalo's starting lineup?

Kouandjio, Brown facing big rookie expectations

Sammy Watkins was the highlight of Buffalo's 2014 draft class. But two other rookies will challenge for starting spots this season. Can Cyrus Kouandjio and Preston Brown rise to the occasion?


Modern NFL Positions

Hey all, Been taking a hiatus from fanposting after the draft finished. Now that the summer is here it's time for me to reassess my scouting setup (gotta change it every year just to make sure I'm...


Speculation: Doug Marrone- Not a fan of analytics?

Coach Marrone gave a press conference to the media during the rookie minicamp over the weekend, and I found a few statements by him to be particularly interesting. What are your thoughts? The...


2014 NFL Draft Review - Prediction Postmortem, Player Analysis

Well another draft year is in the books, and Buffalo arguably managed to put together a more exciting draft weekend than they did with last year's EJ Manuel selection. The trade up for Sammy...


Buffalo's draft landscape: Post-round 1

Day 1 is in the books! As I predicted, Buffalo traded up for a receiver, although it appears that the word about them being enamored with Watkins held some truth, making him the pick rather than...


Roc around the Mock: 12 o'clock Mock

It's draft day! I have my alcohol supply at the ready and I've been doing vocal warm-ups for the cheering (or booing) I'll be doing come 8:00PM. My keyboard fingers are prepared for some live...


Roc around the Mock: 11 o'clock Mock

Three days until the draft! Are you kidding me? It's finally almost over! I've decided that I'm putting a stop to my prospect viewing. Due to some family circumstances that came up I had to put my...


2014 Community Mock Draft War Room Open Thread

Alright, everyone! Tomorrow's the big day for the SB Nation community mock draft, with rounds 1-3 going on Saturday starting at noon and 4-7 going on Sunday at the same time. I'll be the GM for...

Meet the Rumor Man


A well-done parody of SB Nation's recent article on NCAA football recruiting "Meet the Bag Man," talking about the ridiculous draft rumors that get spread this time of year.

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