Kent Dickerson

Features (Community)

A long-time Buffalo Rumblings community member, Kent joined the editorial staff in 2013, adding a unique voice with an emphasis on community building to the discussions.


Addressing two controversial topics

On tap in today's Morning Joe!: whether or not the Bills should be interested in Jonathan Martin or Michael Sam.

I love you; I love you not

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's pick the petals off a flower and decide what we did and didn't love about the 2013 Buffalo Bills.

Five not so burning questions

We know the big questions surrounding the Buffalo Bills heading into the offseason, but these five questions deserve some attention, as well.


Morning Joe! Should The NFL Allow "Mary Jane" in the Building?

Good morning Bills Fans! No, No, No. I'm not talking about the candy that many of us enjoyed growing up. I'm talking about about the other "Mary Jane". Man the NFL has gotten themselves in a...


Morning Joe! The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Good morning Rumblers, From time to time, I like to pay homage to some of our elder Rumblers; thus the Clint Eastwood reference in the title and picture. Wow! It's so great to be back. I'm...


Morning Joe! Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!

Hey Rumblers, It's good to be back with you fine folks. It's been a long time since I spoke with you last, so I'm super super excited to be back. For those of you who are older enough to...


Morning Joe! 7 Days of Agony or Bliss; the Plight of a Buffalo Bills Fan

Good morning Bills Fans,It's been awhile since my last Joe! I don't like posting during the season, it's just too much raw emotion and I tend to go on rants so I try to refrain from posting.H...


Morning Joe! The Modern Activist Athlete, Where Have They Gone?

via Good morning Rumblers, Man what a crappy weekend we had as Bills fans huh? I was going to write a recap of this weeks game, but I don't want to re-live the nightmare. There...


Morning Joe! Crazy Times At St. John's Fisher; Training Camp Recap

via Good morning Rumblers, Training camp has pretty much come and gone. I must say this has been a pretty eventful camp, definitely different from all the other...


Morning Joe! The Morning After Game Recap; LIVE From Indy

Good morning Rumblers, It's good to be back with you all. I spent the BIG 30 in Indy, watching our beloved Bills whoop-up on our old AFC East Rival. I wanted to write this Joe! to give you my...

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