Buddy Nix: Franchise QB Talk Dominates Bills GM Approval Poll


It's been a busy six weeks for Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix, who continues to re-iterate his desire to draft a franchise quarterback amidst a front office shake-up and a coaching search. Do fans approve of his job performance?

It has been a crazy two weeks covering the Buffalo Bills since the 2012 season came to an end. It's been particularly crazy for GM Buddy Nix, who survived a shift in front office power and the firing of his hand-picked head coach, Chan Gailey. His monthly approval poll is therefore a bit later than normal; we'll get it in anyway, then pick up our normal monthly pace in early February. Here's everything Nix has been involved with over the past month-plus.

  • 60 percent of our readers that voted approved of President/CEO Russ Brandon's decision to retain Nix as he assumed direct control over the entire Bills operation.
  • Nix was the lead interviewer in the four-man team that spent a week in Arizona interviewing five head coaching candidates. That search ultimately resulted in the hiring of Doug Marrone.
  • Though the common belief remains that the Bills plan on drafting a quarterback this April - potentially as early as Round 1, and fueled largely by the fact that Nix keeps talking about his desire to do so - the GM has also sent some mixed signals at the position.
  • Two weeks before the end of the season, Nix re-signed starting right guard Kraig Urbik to a four-year, $15 million contract. The latest word on Urbik's running mate, Andy Levitre, is not as positive; Levitre told reporters prior to the season finale that he hadn't yet received a contract offer.
  • Went public with his belief that Stevie Johnson could be an elite slot receiver while also talking up T.J. Graham as a high-upside "outside" receiver.
  • Nix will be making his fourth straight Top 10 pick this April, when a quarterback may very well join previous Top 10 picks in C.J. Spiller, Marcell Dareus and Stephon Gilmore.
  • The Bills were 1-3 since Nix's last approval poll, losing 15-12 to St. Louis, 50-17 to Seattle and 24-10 to Miami before a 28-9 win over New York to close out the year.

For an archive of past Nix approval ratings here at Buffalo Rumblings, check out our new Nix approval poll hub.

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