Buffalo Bills offseason study: who should we highlight?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We need your ideas for our next big Bills-related project here at Buffalo Rumblings.

We are now entering the longest part of the NFL offseason, friends: the part in which the news cycle slows to a crawl, and we scrounge for things to talk about for two and a half months before Buffalo Bills training camp begins in late July.

By my count, there are roughly 10 weeks to go until the Bills convene at St. John Fisher College for their most important training camp in recent memory. What ever shall we do to entertain ourselves in those 10 weeks? I have on idea that I'd like your help refining.

You may recall back in late December, when it became clear that the rookie season of EJ Manuel was over, that I published (and we then discussed at length) an exhaustive look at Manuel's game. I'd like to do more of that before camp begins, but I'm open to your input on what or who, exactly, should be the subject of these posts.

The Manuel project took a very long time to put together - the better part of three weeks, in fact. These pre-training camp projects don't need to be quite as big, but I'd still like to budget two weeks for each post, so I'm planning on doing five more of these before camp starts, and then fitting in more if time permits.

This post, then, exists so that y'all can let me know what you'd like to see covered. I'm happy to look at individual players, as I did with Manuel, and can focus on players that were with the team last year, or free agent signings from other teams. We could also focus on parts of units (i.e. offensive line play or run defense), whole units (special teams coverages), or anything else you can conceive of.

I just have one rule: no rookies. We're doing this project with NFL Game Rewind, which provides All-22 film to study - I seriously cannot recommend this product enough to football fans; it is fantastic - and since the service does not include college games, I can only focus on the Bills, other NFL teams or veteran pro players.

Who or what would you like to see broken down in detail, Bills fans? I'd like to start work on the first post tomorrow, so I'll be watching this comments section closely today.

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