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Here at Buffalo Rumblings, you'll find a passionate, diverse community of Buffalo Bills fans that is constantly growing and learning. Our goal for this community is to foster conversations that are thought-provoking, helpful and most of all, fun. In order to facilitate this, however, we need your help. Here are some guidelines to get you started.


You can register by clicking the 'Sign Up' link at the top right corner of our home page (or by clicking here). From there, you can either register directly, or do so through your Facebook, Twitter or OpenID account. You may also want to review Vox Media's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy if you're extra sensitive about your personal information. Bottom line: you can trust us.

The next step is to customize your profile. You can upload a profile photo, give your fellow Bills fans a little background about yourself, and list your other favorite teams and athletes. You can also edit your account settings to link to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, which will allow you to easily share your work in our community in those channels if you feel so inclined.

If you need to make any changes, you can always edit your profile by clicking your username at the top right-hand corner of our home page, then clicking the "Edit Profile" link under your avatar on your profile page. You will find extra functionality and navigation in that space, as well.

Now that you're all set up, it's time to get in there and start talking Bills football.


There are three basic ways that you can contribute to the community.

  • Write a FanPost: Our FanPost section is where any reader can write their own articles and share their opinions in longer-form postings. In many cases, these posts are worthy of our front page, and these discussions are often the very best of what this blog has to offer.

  • Share a FanShot: This section is where you can share interesting or off-beat links related to the Bills from around the web.

  • Post a Comment: This is the basic functionality of a registered account, and the best way to discuss the various stories on our site. You'll find a comment section on every front-page story, FanPost and FanShot posted here.

If you aren't sure where a specific thought you have should go, feel free to ask. You may also contact the blog directly; see the very last section of this page for contact info.

Most of the time, you'll be posting comments if you're actively participating in our discussions. There are four basic commenting functions that you should be aware of.

  • Reply: Use this to reply to a specific comment. Your reply will be threaded to keep the conversation organized, and the author of the original comment can keep track of the number of replies to his or her thought on his or her profile page.

  • Recommend: If you like (or love) what someone else said, or even how it was said if you don't agree, be a pal and recommend their comment. Enough "recs" will turn a comment green to highlight the best parts of our discussions.

  • Flag: This function allows you to report a post to our moderation team here at Buffalo Rumblings. Use it to report posts that break blog rules or fly in the face of common human decency; just don't use it to mark something that you disagree with, or to hassle other users. Please use this feature responsibly - but in good practice, this is one of the most useful features of the blog as we try to keep discussions as lively, civil and fun as possible.

  • Hotkeys: Press the 'Z' key to mark an unread (highlighted in yellow) comment as read and move to the next comment. Press the 'R' key to reply to a highlighted comment. There's no need to scroll through hundreds of comments with these shortcuts in place!


Here's a list of things that could get your comment, FanPost or FanShot flagged and/or deleted, and possibly result in a warning or ban on your account. This is not a comprehensive list, and the staff of Buffalo Rumblings reserves the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate.

  • Spam: It's not tolerated here. Nobody likes spammers. Posting the same comment on multiple threads is spamming, as is relentlessly linking to your own work on another site.

  • Illegal activities: If you post (or even request) links to illegal game streams, downloads or the like, your comment won't last long.

  • Pornographic material: Not allowed. Try to keep images and GIFs shared on our pages to a PG-13 rating, as we do have younger community members.

  • Profanity and vulgarity: Again, keep it PG-13 (or barely R). Intelligent discourse is easier to maintain when we're not cursing or being disgusting human beings. We relax this rule a bit during live chats (especially during games and the draft), but in general, this behavior is frowned upon.

  • Personal attacks: Attacking someone's person is unhealthy, both for yourself and for our community and its discussions. Comment threads full of personal attacks don't promote further discourse, are universally petty and unpleasant to witness, and almost always trend away from the topic at hand (the Bills) and to a place that people don't necessarily care about (yourselves). Any such post could result in a warning or a ban. This is your most challenging charge as a member of our community: posting respectfully and focusing on the subject matter, not the subjects.

  • Racism, sexism, religious, political, and other discrimination: Without defining it (because you should know it just like we know it), these are personal attacks aimed at groups of people. The same principle applies: it's unpleasant, and it's not tolerated.

  • Politics and Religion: This is a football blog. Often times, our discussions will, for very legitimate reasons, involve political and religious topics. Tread carefully when this happens; post respectfully and do your level best to keep the discussions related to the sport. Commentary that becomes too political/religious and devolves into something you'd see in a YouTube comments section will likely be deleted.

  • Trolling: Again, without providing a definition, we know what trolls are, and trolls will not be tolerated. If you're abusing our conversations or specific topics, your posts will be removed.

  • Multiple accounts: believe it or not, you only need to have one account to post here. If you are having a problem with your primary account, let us know about it (or email rather than creating a new one. Creating multiple accounts to get around previous bans is strictly prohibited.


Buffalo Rumblings is now a self-moderated community. We do not have a staff of moderators; instead, we are entrusting our well-established community to keep conversations in line. Here's how it will work:

  • Flag, flag, flag: Your moderation tool as a community member is the flag feature mentioned above. If you see something that you find offensive and/or which violates any of the guidelines here, flag it. Any comment, FanPost or FanShot that receives three flags from our community members will raise an alert for our editorial staff.

  • Review process: There are only two members of the blog that can delete user-provided content: Brian Galliford and Matt Warren. When a flagged piece of content reaches our attention, it will be hidden immediately. We'll then review the situation and determine whether or not a deletion must occur. Alternately, the author of the content may be contacted to remove the offending material if said content is editable; we may also delete the flags and unhide the content, allowing it to stay as is.

The power is now in your hands to keep Buffalo Rumblings as civil, friendly and passionate a community as possible.


Q: You deleted one of my posts. Doesn't that mean you're censoring me?

A: It means that we have posting rules that you agreed to abide by when you signed up for the blog, that you broke one of said rules, and that our community moderation and review process flagged your comment for deletion.

Q: I have a question, comment or complaint about moderation.

A: Excellent! You should email our Editor-in-Chief, Brian Galliford, at If we have anything to announce publicly on moderation, we will do so in a front-page post.

Q: How do I stay up to date with Buffalo Rumblings?

A: Our community is built to render on any device, whether it be computer, tablet or mobile. There is built-in RSS functionality if you're into that technology. Following us on Twitter (@BuffRumblings) is a great way to get to our new work (or breaking news) as fast as possible. If you're interested in sharing our community (or your contributions to it) with your friends, our Facebook page would be a good place to start. We're also on Google+ and YouTube.

Follow these guidelines, and you're very likely to find yourself a valued member of an outstanding community of Bills fans. Know that we're always just an inquiry away, as well. Thanks, and enjoy yourself!

Team Buffalo Rumblings

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