Brian Westbrook released

As discussed in other posts as the Eagles being a possible trade partner with the Bills do you think they might have a demand for Lynch?

Step-by-step guide to drafting a QB - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

This is, simply put, an outstanding read, folks. Enjoy it.

Schobel, Bills face roster bonus deadline

IMHO this does not bode well for him staying. Not to mention asking a 32 year old to play a new position. Would OBD be better off drating a 3-4 hybrid DE/LB? Or signing a FA ala Travis Laboy for less $$? Not a given that Schobel can make transition.

LaDanian Tomlinson just cut by Chargers

Buddy Nix could be interested in a reunion which would send Marshawn packing for Cromartie now. I wouldn't be thrilled with two 30+ year old runners but it would give us time to find another back in the draft this year or next.

Vince Wilfork gets franchise tag

For those of you holding out hope that the Bills might sign the massive NT away from New England, you were mistaken.

Tebow Working On New Delivery

Adam Schefter talks about Tim Tebow's efforts to refine his delivery

Was TO really this bad last year?

This shows he ranked as the worst receiver in the AFC in terms of catch %.

Bills History - Buffalo Rumblings - For Buffalo Bills Fans

We wanted to take this Saturday to show off some of the stupendous work that MattRichWarren has been doing behind the scenes. That link above will link you to posts on every single season in the history of the Buffalo Bills franchise we all hold so dear to our hearts. It's intricate, detailed work, and broken down on a year-by-year basis. Yeah - that's 50 articles that Matt put together. Bookmark that link if you ever need to know a basic historical fact about this team.

John Guy/Dick Jauron Power Struggle?

"This is a case where the organization really botched up on many levels and continued to compound the errors. It all started when former pro scouting director John Guy wielded a bigger sword than marketing GM Russ "Pants on Fire" Brandon or our beloved former coach Dick Jauron. In making a last ditch effort to keep the over-inflated, penalty prone sack allowing Langston Walker from damaging Guy's already damaged credibility, Guy insisted that Walker be the starting LT for 2009. Unfortunately, training camp saw Walker grossly under-performing and a "Dick's last stand" power play unseated the inflated Walker in favor of a not ready for prime time Demetrius Bell. Unfortunately, rating Bell as "not ready" is akin to saying Tiger Woods has commitment issues."

Jake Plummer for Buffalo in 2010...?

It appears Plummer might be available for free agency. Personally I think he's a highly underrated QB and could do well as a stopgap for a year. He did take the Broncos to an AFC championship game!

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