Teams NOT trading into the top 10

I couple people around here (Der Jaeger) seem to think it will happen... But Chris Brown (like myself) Doesn't see a team trading into the top 10: CB: I don’t see any team trading into the top 10 unless one of the top DTs slips past five (won’t happen) or Bradford slips past five (won’t happen – unless his arm falls off). Knowing this is likely the last year that mega-contracts with huge bonuses are likely to be handed out to rookies, (new CBA will likely have rookie wage scale) no team wants any part of trading up into that territory this year. There might be a move or two within the top 10, but I can’t see a team in the bottom half trying to leap up there. Believe the chances are very, very remote.

Kevin Walter stays with Texans


Supposedly he got something resembling the Burleson deal. And yes I know that this is my third fanshot in less than an hour. And yes I know that I have no life.

Packers keep Clifton


Three years and $20 million from Green Bay. $7.5 million is guaranteed, or basicly his first year.

Pats sign Wilfork to multi-year deal


Raheem Brock released by Colts


Could be a great addition a a DE. Played the last few seasons at DE for the Colts, but was a DT before that. If he gains back some weight he could be a great fit for us. He's a 2 gap guy that specialises at stopping the run. He's 6'4" and is currently listed at 275 pounds but could easily put some weight back on if needed. He may be 31, but spent most of his career as a backup/situational guy. I think that he would be that with us too, maybe roatate him at DE when K.Williams lines up at NT. What do you think, worth looking into?

Boldin to Ravens


Boldin + 5th for Ravens' 3rd and 4th

Dolphins finally release Porter, with Gibril Wilson and Akin Ayodele


Every knew Porter's release was coming. Wilson and Ayodele finished very high on the team in tackles, but were liabilities in coverage. Ayodele might be a good fit as a reserve Mike Inside Linebacker (strongside).

Kemoeatu released by Carolina


I'd love to try and sign this guy or Jam Williams I doubt either breaks the bank and could pay off huge.

Pennington resigning; Thigpen available?

According to Chris Brown ( With the report that Chad Pennington is likely to re-sign with the Dolphins possibly as early as today, one has to wonder if his signing would make Tyler Thigpen available via trade. Pennington would serve as Chad Henne’s backup with Pat White presumably as the designated Wildcat QB. I can’t see the Dolphins jettisoning a guy that was their second-round pick. Thigpen meanwhile was a signal caller they acquired last year for an undisclosed draft pick when Pennington was lost for the season. I’ve got to imagine they’re not married to the guy and would listen to trade offers. Thigpen had Bills head coach Chan Gailey as his offensive coordinator in Kansas City in 2008, when Gailey changed the offense to suit Thigpen going to a spread formation with four and five wide receivers a good amount of the time.

Bills RFA tender levels announced


The Buffalo Bills announced the players they tendered Thursday, but didn't reveal the picks. Here they are, courtesy of the NFL: * Safety George Wilson, second-round pick * Tight end Derek Schouman, second-round pick * Cornerback Ashton Youboty, third-round pick * Linebacker Keith Ellison, sixth-round pick


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