Mocking the Draft's final mock: Maybin and Pettigrew


I'm not thrilled about Maybin. He's a great prospect but not for 2009 when the Bills staff needs him to be there. Pettigrew falling to 28 makes me happy.

WGR's Joe Buscaglia Final Three Round Mock


11) Buffalo Bills - DE Everette Brown, Florida State And here it is. I've got an extreme hunch that the Bills are targeting Everette Brown, and for many reasons. When I spoke to both Russ Brandon and Tom Modrak at the combine, both emphasized the need for getting pressure on the opposing quarterback whether it be through free agency or the draft. Well guess what, it didn't happen in free agency now did it? Then at the draft luncheon, that viewpoint was only reaffirmed. Now, over the course of the past week, I've taken place in picking the minds of the Bills' scouting staff. During these press conferences, one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. One of the scouts said that Brown may not be ready to take over the full job until after a few years, but he's someone that can come in on year one and get pressure on the opposing quarterback. Advantage: Brown in my mind. Cleveland trades up to 27 to select Brandon Pettigrew. 28) Buffalo Bills - LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State - With both Britton and Pettigrew off the board, the Bills can hone in on the best player available at a position that can be positively be affected right away. Laurinaitis is a dynamite, NFL-ready prospect that can come in and move to the outside. I think he could start right from the get go. 42) Buffalo Bills - OG/C Max Unger, Oregon - They could take Nelson here, but I think Unger is a much better prospect. He can come in and compete for an interior line position right from the get go. They may get a steal with this kid here if it happens. 75) Buffalo Bills - TE James Casey, Rice - The Bills wait until the third round and grab a pass catching tight end that all the scouts, including Tom Modrak, spoke highly of. The ultimate team player from what I gather.

Bills OTA Dates Released


Just when you thought the only days that mattered were Saturday and Sunday... The OTAs will take place May 18th-20th, May 26th-29th, followed by June 2nd-5th and June 8th. Buffalo’s mandatory three-day minicamp is expected to follow shortly thereafter though specific dates have not been released. Also the Bills can hold a three-day rookie minicamp which usually begins the Friday after the NFL draft.

live draft beginning in 5 minutes


follow the link to play along and let me know who you want

Bills interested in Eugene Monroe?

Monroe could be Bills' target...I'm not buying the recent report that the Bills may make an attempt to move up for Alabama OT Andre Smith. Smith is being viewed as a right tackle in the scouting community, but the Bills are looking for a left tackle to replace Jason Peters. I wrote back on 04/19 and 04/21 that the Bills could make an attempt to move up to the Jaguars pick at No. 8 for left tackle Michael Oher, but a league source told me he didn't think the Bills would be willing to pay Top 10 money for a prospect that could possibly be available at the Bills pick at No. 11. Virginia OT Eugene Monroe is a whole different story, there's no chance that Monroe will slip to the Bills pick at No. 11, but he could be available at the Browns pick No. 5, depending on what happens in the first four picks of the draft. Moving up for a left tackle like Monroe, and paying Top 5 money, would make much more sense, than moving up for Smith, who is viewed as a right tackle candidate.-Al Fronczak

Modrak lacking homers in Bills' drafts

Modrak lacking homers in Bills' drafts Bills’ picks on line fail to measure up By Mark Gaughan Tom Modrak gets a chance to bolster his legacy as the top college scout in the Buffalo Bills’ organization in this weekend’s NFL draft. With two first-round picks and three picks in the first 42 selections Saturday, the Bills must fortify their foundation of talent. Modrak needs the Bills to hit these picks and see some of their recent picks — such as quarterback Trent Edwards — develop into stars in order to pull the franchise out of what has been a decade of futility. Modrak, the Bills’ vice president of college scouting, has overseen the last seven Bills drafts. The Bills’ selection process is a team effort, starting at the top with owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. So pinning full responsibility on any one person would not be accurate. Nevertheless, a couple of obvious conclusions can be made about Modrak’s tenure: • There has been a lack of home runs. The Bills simply have not drafted and developed enough superstar players. Only two homegrown Bills players taken or signed after the draft in the past seven years have been voted to the Pro Bowl (Jason Peters and Terrence McGee). • There is a lack of star players in the trenches, on the offensive and defensive lines. The Bills drafted five trench players in 2001, before Modrak arrived, and that impacted their approach a bit the next two years. Nevertheless, in the first three rounds of the past seven drafts, the Bills have selected only six linemen, and none of them is a star. The jury still is out on a bunch of the picks from Modrak’s tenure. Edwards was a third-round pick in 2007. If he develops into a top quarterback, the entire picture gets brighter. Other recent picks such as Donte Whitner, Marshawn Lynch, Leodis McKelvin, Paul Posluszny and James Hardy all show varying degrees of promise but can’t be fully evaluated. Here’s a breakdown of the Bills’ drafts by round since Modrak arrived: Round One: Eight first-rounders have been drafted since 2002. Two were busts — Mike Williams and J. P. Losman. A third, defensive tackle John McCargo, is close to being a bust unless he makes a big rebound this season. While former team President Tom Donahoe had final say on the drafts from 2002 through 2005, none of the team’s top decision makers can avoid responsibility on the Williams pick. There was a full consensus among the brain trust that he was the right man at the No. 4 overall spot. The Bills still are paying for that failure as they try to create a strong offensive line. They still are paying for the Losman mistake, too. If he had panned out, they would be led by a veteran quarterback entering his prime. Willis McGahee, Lee Evans, Whitner, Lynch and McKelvin are the other No. 1s. McGahee was a big gamble and didn’t work out in the end, but he is a good player. Evans is an outstanding player who could come to be viewed as a home run. Modrak was strongly in Evans’ corner for a long time before the draft. The Bills passed up Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris to draft Evans. Harris went to Chicago one pick later. Round Two: There have been six picks: Josh Reed, Ryan Denney, Chris Kelsay, Roscoe Parrish, Posluszny and Hardy. None are busts but the franchise needed more from the first four in this group. Round Three: The seven picks: Coy Wire, Angelo Crowell, Tim Anderson, Kevin Everett, Ashton Youboty, Edwards and Chris Ellis. Crowell was an excellent pick. Wire is a serviceable player who’s still in the league. Youboty might be good if he can stay healthy. Round Four: The eight picks: McGee, Sam Aiken, Tim Euhus, Duke Preston, Ko Simpson, Dwayne Wright, Reggie Corner and Derek Fine. McGee was a great pick. Corner and Fine are developing. Aiken was a good special teamer. Euhus, Preston, Wright and Simpson (who’s still on the roster) were not successful. Round Five: Justin Bannan, Ben Sobieski, Eric King, Kyle Williams, Brad Butler and Alvin Bowen. A good round for the Bills. Williams was an excellent pick; Butler is starting. Bannan still is playing in the league. Round Six: Kevin Thomas, Lauvale Sape, Justin Geisinger, Keith Ellison, John Wendling, Xavier Omon. The last three still are on the team. Ellison has done well for a sixth-rounder. Round Seven and beyond: Fifteen players have been drafted. Mario Haggan was a standout special teamer. Derek Schouman, Steve Johnson and Demetrius Bell still are on the team. Peters and Jabari Greer were phenomenal rookie free-agent signings.

AFC East Report - Mark Weiler


I know some can't stand the guy as he is typically overly pessimistic. This article is no different - but nonetheless - its spot on.

Absolute dumbest mock yet


Remember last week I posted Mr. X's mock from PFT which had the Bills taking OT Michael Oher and the Ake CB Alphonso Smith. This week, Mr. X is back and has the Bills taking.... wait for it... WR Jeremy Maclin at 11 and Smith at 28 Supposedly Mr. X has inside info. I'm sure these guys are nice and talented but I'm thinking Mr. X, if that's his real name, partying with Marshawn.

Good Article on Pettigrew w/ Buffalo References


The weather was great when he strolled into Orchard Park, N.Y. back in mid-March. No icy winds, no lingering lake effect. "It wasn’t too bad, it was like in the 50s," Pettigrew said. "I know it can get cold though." Pettigrew met with head coach Dick Jauron and several other coaches, going to Dave and Buster’s for dinner. Pettigrew’s football I.Q. underwent a play memorization test and he talked to the Bills about how he could fit into their offense specifically. "(Buffalo) felt that I could do both (blocking and catching) so that’s how they thought I could fit in," Pettigrew said. "They felt that I could do both. They didn’t just want to have one guy who could do blocking and one guy who could catch."

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