Are the Bills waiting for the Bengals to cut LT Levi Jones?

6. The Buffalo Bills didn't address their need for a tackle after trading left tackle Jason Peters to Philadelphia. This makes you wonder whether the Bills are waiting for the Cincinnati Bengals to cut left tackle Levi Jones. The Bengals will trade or cut Jones because they selected Andre Smith in the first round. Meanwhile, the Bills picked Eric Wood in the first round. Buffalo plans to play him at guard but could use him at center because it drafted guard Andy Levitre in the second round. Jones could offer an option at left tackle that might allow Langston Walker to move back to right tackle. Jones remains on the Bengals' roster, but not for long.

Best available free agents following the NFL Draft - Mocking The Draft


SB Nation's NFL Draft blog, Mocking the Draft, provides their short list on the best available rookies remaining as undrafted free agents.

Leroy Hill now a FA, possible SLB target for the Bills?


Additional info can be found at these links: This blog has the actual clip copied from the NFLN broadcast with the info here:

The Madness of the Rookie Pay Scale


I'll do a story on this a little later after the draft but's Kevin Siefert puts together a list of the top guaranteed contracts in history. A guy who has never played a down got more than anybody ever. Over 5M more than Ben Roethlisberger's two Super Bowl rings. It's 7M more than Peyton Manning, one of the top 5 QBs of all time. Crazy.

Stafford signs deal with Lions, officially the No. 1 pick of the draft


According to the report, the Lions will pay Stafford $41.7 million in guarantees and as much as $78 million. OW. Especially if he pulls a Joey Harrington.

Mocking the Draft's final mock: Maybin and Pettigrew


I'm not thrilled about Maybin. He's a great prospect but not for 2009 when the Bills staff needs him to be there. Pettigrew falling to 28 makes me happy.

WGR's Joe Buscaglia Final Three Round Mock


11) Buffalo Bills - DE Everette Brown, Florida State And here it is. I've got an extreme hunch that the Bills are targeting Everette Brown, and for many reasons. When I spoke to both Russ Brandon and Tom Modrak at the combine, both emphasized the need for getting pressure on the opposing quarterback whether it be through free agency or the draft. Well guess what, it didn't happen in free agency now did it? Then at the draft luncheon, that viewpoint was only reaffirmed. Now, over the course of the past week, I've taken place in picking the minds of the Bills' scouting staff. During these press conferences, one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. One of the scouts said that Brown may not be ready to take over the full job until after a few years, but he's someone that can come in on year one and get pressure on the opposing quarterback. Advantage: Brown in my mind. Cleveland trades up to 27 to select Brandon Pettigrew. 28) Buffalo Bills - LB James Laurinaitis, Ohio State - With both Britton and Pettigrew off the board, the Bills can hone in on the best player available at a position that can be positively be affected right away. Laurinaitis is a dynamite, NFL-ready prospect that can come in and move to the outside. I think he could start right from the get go. 42) Buffalo Bills - OG/C Max Unger, Oregon - They could take Nelson here, but I think Unger is a much better prospect. He can come in and compete for an interior line position right from the get go. They may get a steal with this kid here if it happens. 75) Buffalo Bills - TE James Casey, Rice - The Bills wait until the third round and grab a pass catching tight end that all the scouts, including Tom Modrak, spoke highly of. The ultimate team player from what I gather.

Bills OTA Dates Released


Just when you thought the only days that mattered were Saturday and Sunday... The OTAs will take place May 18th-20th, May 26th-29th, followed by June 2nd-5th and June 8th. Buffalo’s mandatory three-day minicamp is expected to follow shortly thereafter though specific dates have not been released. Also the Bills can hold a three-day rookie minicamp which usually begins the Friday after the NFL draft.

live draft beginning in 5 minutes


follow the link to play along and let me know who you want

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