2013 Bills starting qb

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  2. Philip Rivers
  3. Matt Barkley
  4. Geno Smith
  5. Mike Vick

Donte Whitner wants Troy Smith

  1. DonteWhitner Troy is a proven winner and leader! Joe Flacco is the franchise in B' More its only right....I watched the guy sit behind Justin Zwick.....
  2. Adam_Schefter RT @DonteWhitner: I think we should get Troy Smith to be our Qb, please!
  3. Hey Donte - you should probably worry about your own spot on this team.

5 Things Buffalo Need to do to try and make it a fighting battle the rest of year

  1. Get Rid of Head Coach
  2. T.O. and Evans Ball More
  3. Trent Needs to go Down Feild
  4. Running Game Need to Be Better
  5. Defence needs to keep playing good

Reason Bills Beat Tampa Bay

  1. Fred Jackson had a great game Rushing the Ball
  2. Trent Great Game manageing the game
  3. Defence Held Tampa to under 100 rushing yards to 2 week in a row
  4. Held Tampa to a lot of check down plays and geting to the ball fast
  5. And Finally I have to say this Ryan Lindell had a Great game Kicking

What this Bills need to do to beat the Pats (Brian to You)

  1. Trents needs to control the ball and the feild
  2. Fred Jackson Needs to be on his A Game tonite
  3. The Defence Needs to find a way to hold Moss tonite
  4. Defence need to make turnovers happen
  5. Finally

What should Owens do when he Gets his frist TD Monday?

  1. Make fun of Moss
  2. Elvis Dance
  3. Dance on Pats logo in Endzone
  4. Hand Ball To Trent and say this is the first of many
  5. What do you think he can do?

Reasons the Bills will Keep T.O. Next year

  1. He will be a great leader to Trent and Evans
  2. Lynch will learn from him and stop his mistakes off feild
  3. Defence will get better around him making them better
  4. Owens will have over 10 Td's this year
  5. Evans and Owen and Johnson will be a good Triple Threat

5 Reasons Bills will win the Opener

  1. Edwards is going to Control the game
  2. Fred Jackson over 100 yrds Rushing
  3. T.O. & Evans(Don't need to say more)
  4. Defence is going t sack Brady
  5. Specail Teams will have TD

Bills Injury Report - Week 12 (@ KC)

  1. OUT - DE Aaron Schobel (foot)
  2. OUT - CB Jabari Greer (knee)
  3. OUT - SS Donte Whitner (shoulder)
  4. QUESTIONABLE - WR Josh Reed (ankle)
  5. QUESTIONABLE - SS Bryan Scott (knee)

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