Statement from Marcell Dareus


After dealing with a personal matter in Alabama, I am excited to return to training camp to rejoin my teammates in our preparations for the 2014 season. Right now, my focus is on earning the trust of my teammates, coaches and the fans while continuing to improve as a football player. I have a passion for this game and I want to be here to help this organization achieve its goals. There are things I need to work on professionally and personally to make sure I can be accountable to myself, my family, this team and this community. My focus will remain on achieving that goal one day at a time. I want to thank the Bills organization, coach Marrone and the coaching staff, my teammates and our fans for their continued support.

Playoff field expanding?


I did the math last year. The #Bills still wouldn't have made the playoffs in 14 yrs if field was expanded to 16 teams. #SadTrombone

Matt Warren on Twitter

Andre Williams To Interview With Bills


Boston College running back and Heisman trophy finalist Andre Williams is the definition of a power back. He said the Bills were one of a handful of teams he’ll be interviewing with here at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. "I’ve got it written down," said Williams when a reporter asked who he’s meeting with for interviews. "Bills, Ravens, Jaguars and Bengals." Williams, who ran for over 2,100 of his 3,700-plus career rushing yards in his senior season, has been compared to Earl Campbell as a runner. "I would say I’m a downhill runner," said Williams. "I’m best when my shoulders are square to the line. I make a quick cut I get upfield and I use my shoulders and hands as weapons. I like to punish the defense and punish the DBs and I like to finish in the fourth quarter." Williams was plagued by a late season shoulder injury, which was why he pulled out of the Senior Bowl. He said Friday he’s feeling a lot better. A telling sign of his shoulder health is whether or not he participates in the bench press. Williams is projected between the third and fifth rounds.

More Panthers film study, courtesy Cat Scratch Reader


The Carolina Panthers failed to execute a fundamentally flawed game plan that took the ball out of the hands of the team's weapons and turned the game into Newton-Olsen pitch-and-catch.

Panthers vs. Seahawks: All-22 review - Cat Scratch Reader

Byrd still not ruled out for Week 1


"I see a player that's trying to get on this field, and it's just not feeling right, and I go back to the same thing where the condition is at. Jairus and I talk daily. I think it's going to be one of these situations where one day he's going to wake up and he's going say, 'I feel great,' and he's going to go."

Bills head coach Doug Marrone, via The Buffalo News

Jairus Byrd signs his tender!


The Bills have signed FS Jairus Byrd to a one-year franchise tender.

Bills text message

Patriots release WR Donald Jones


The #Patriots are releasing WR Donald Jones, I'm told. They want to get their young guys reps. He'll go on waivers.

Ian Rapoport

Mike Pettine and the Pancake House


This isnt a quote but I'd like to share. I went to the pancake house to use their bathroom prior to my football game. As I get back, I look to my left, Mike Pettine is getting into his car. It was a black magnum with a ravens sticker on the back and the inside was all custom ravens stuff. It was awesome. Just kinda shows how much he loves what Baltimore represented.

Nix Steps Down as GM


Nix Steps Down as GM

NFL network

free agent freciever

How bout Wes Welker for a free agent reciever ? Oh I'm sorry we can't spend that kind of money on great ball catcher from a rival team . HEHE
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