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P.King on K. Williams


• Surprised at me having Kyle Williams 27 while the players, apparently, don't have him in the top 100? Watch some video of him. He consistently occupies two blockers. Always moving forward. A machine. I remember talking to Chan Gailey about him last year. This is a man who coached Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin -- and I do believe I have never heard him rave about any player the way he raved to me about Williams

AEG Talks to 5 Teams About Relocation, None of Which are the Bills


AEG has contacted the Vikings, Chargers, Raiders, Rams, and Jaguars about possible relocation for their bid to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. The story goes on to say the Rams and Jags aren't as likely, and the Vikings essentially need to get a stadium built or they will be the second purple and gold franchise from Minnesota to bolt for SoCal. Two seems thing clear from this story. First, the effort to bring a NFL Team back to LA is more organized and well funded than any other time since 1995. We can expect there to be a team there sooner rather than later. Consequently, Ralph's health and well being in the next 2-4 years are critical to alleviating fears of Buffalo being one of those teams. As long as he is alive, the Bills will not be a candidate for relocation. Hopefully, he will live to see some other franchise set up in LA; thus allowing us a few more years until the next round of relocation roulette.

Don Banks is very impressed with Bills draft, along with others like the Browns


Don seems to be really impressed at the Bills draft and thinks they did a good job building a solid core for the future. He feels that the D is going to be nasty.

Eagles claim they are looking to move up for one of top two Safeties


For those of us who feel the Bills should drop down and stockpile more picks, the Eagles may be out ticket. If Thomas or Berry somehow move into the area where we pick, we could be getting some serious phone calls about that spot, especially if its Berry that falls. I personally would be fine trading the pick if the 4 top tackles are gone and the team does not like Claussen, then fall back, get a couple of more picks, and get a ton of new, and BETTER bodies in here.


Bills lose preseason Super Bowl on devastating kneeldown

(AP) — BUFFALO, N.Y. To the cry of "No Goal", "Wide Right" and "Forward Lateral" add "The Kevin O' Connell Kneeldown." Named after the final play of the preseason Super Bowl, the kneeldown marks...

L.A. Billionaire Ed Roski wants to move the Bills among others.


Interesting article about one of the Bills potential "suitors" Ed Roski. Roski has long had an interest in moving a team to LA. According to Roski's right hand man, John Semcken, Buffalo is "a terrible market for the NFL," and therefore a worthy target. "Of course. Those teams (the Rams and Raiders) left not because of the fans. Not at all,'' Roski says emphatically. "They left because they couldn't get the revenue sources out of the Coliseum they needed to be competitive. "These are great NFL fans. You've got 19 million people here. And they'll come out. You watch. I know they will."


Great Plays of the 2008 Buffalo Bills

It was a year marked with early excitement, but perhaps inevitable disappointment as Buffalo notched a 7-9 record for the 3rd season in a row. But not forgotten were some memorable plays, some...

Era of "Character & Intelligence" Takes a Beating - Sullivan


"Levy had us believing the Bills would adhere to a higher standard when it came to player behavior. Three years later, most Bills fans would be happy to root for a team that was in the middle when it came to off-field indiscretions. Right now, they're in danger of joining the Bengals as the poster boys for bad behavior."

Eagles Interested in Chad Ochocinco and Jason Peters


"Speaking on NFL Live, ESPN’s Michael Smith said that Philadelphia had some interest in trading for Chad Ochocinco and that a deal could potentially go down on draft day. Smith also said that the Eagles had conversations with Buffalo about left tackle Jason Peters. Peters wants a new deal, but the Bills appear unwilling to make him the highest-paid LT in the NFL. The Eagles, who have two first-round picks, Nos. 21 and 28, signed Bengals RT Stacy Andrews early in free agency. Smith said that everyone in the Cincinnati front office has signed off on moving Chad except owner Mike Brown."

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