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Former Tampa Bay GM linked to the Bills?


If this is true, not sure why it's not generating more buzz... ...that is, if it's true. "Buffalo: His players sang happy birthday to Dick Jauron on Wednesday, but that figures to be the last such celebration in Buffalo. The no-huddle offense hasn't been working, and Jauron was one of three head coaches who dumped his offensive coordinator during the preseason. Former Tampa Bay GM Bruce Allen's name has popped up with the Bills, but he may have other offers at the end of the season."

Jauron Meets the Media


For an abridged version (just the TO topic): http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d80f36d9b&template=without-video-with-comments&confirm=true

Dick Jauron Combine Press Conference


Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron addressed the media for the first time since the team's 2008 season finale. I know you're all dying to rip the man's words to shreds, so consider this an open thread for that purpose.

Many NFL coaches don't know the right call to make in crunch time - ESPN The Magazine


For those of you who haven't had enough fuel for your anti-Dick Jauron fire, here's a highly interesting article about clock management. Strangely, Jauron isn't mentioned once - in good or bad light.

Mediocrity is a tough sell at ticket-renewal time : The Buffalo News


Larry Felser has lost his mind. He posits that the Bills should position themselves to draft Florida QB Tim Tebow as a hybrid QB-TE because it goes against Dick Jauron's philosophies. I'm sorry, but that makes ZERO sense. Wow. Just wow.

SalSports: Latest on Jauron Job Watch


Obviously, don't take this as gospel, but Sal knows his stuff and hey - it's new information. Long story short: Buffalo's front office is a giant train wreck and Dick Jauron's future with the club may be directly linked to the status of Turk Schonert. Very interesting read, and it goes perfectly hand in hand with some information I'm hearing as well.

Decision on Jauron due Wednesday


2 days and a wake up folks... Ralph Wilson and his vaunted "inner circle" will hold more meetings over the next two days and are expected to make known a decision on Dick Jauron's future with the team sometime Wednesday.

A case for keeping Jauron as coach of the Bills - MPNnow


It was inevitable. One unexpected win, and somebody was bound to make the argument I've been making for months. Bill Pucko of RNews is officially on the "retain Dick Jauron" bandwagon. Welcome aboard, Mr. Pucko. There's plenty of room, so make yourself comfortable.

Bills Practicing Outside


Maybe Dick Jauron and Co. read our complaints about them not practicing outside... because they are today. Maybe they are learning - the run game was much more prevalent last week and they're practicing outside this week. Heck, they might even try and win a game! ;)

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