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Jim Jeffcoat Not Going to Oklahoma


Or so he told NewsOK beat writer David Ubben. This is obviously huge news if true considering the nation's top ranked defensive end prospect, Jim's son Jackson Jeffcoat, has narrowed his college...

Sooners May Need New Defensive End Coach


So OU's Chris Wilson says he has been offered the Co-Defensive Coordinator position at Mississippi State, and and he anticipates accepting the post. That means Bob Stoops will need a new defensive...

Jackson Jeffcoat and His Official Visit to Austin


Unless you live in a cave you've probably already heard that 5 star recruit and possibly the best defensive end in the land is taking his official visit this weekend for the Texas Tech game. More...

Jackson Jeffcoat to Texas


After a long recruiting process that featured a remarkable lack of information, five-star defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat announced on Friday morning that he will attend the University of Texas.

Jackson Jeffcoat May Announce Next Week

[Update]: Jim Jeffcoat says he will remain at Houston. Certainly the first official word from Jeffcoat on the matter, but it may or may not be the final word on the situation. --GoBR-- In an interview with the Houston Fox affiliate, Jackson Jeffcoat indicated that he will take his official visit to Oklahoma this week and may make his final decision next week. Both Jackson and Jim acknowledged that there isn't any pressure to go to attend college at Houston, the school that currently employs the elder Jeffcoat. It's the same official party line the two have maintained throughout the process. What could alter that paradigm significantly is a change in employment for Jim Jeffcoat. Rumors have flown over the last several days about Jeffcoat possibly replacing Chris Wilson at Oklahoma as the defensive line coach, the same job Jim currently occupies at Houston. If that does occur, the family would no doubt maintain the same official stance, but the possibility of having father, son, and sister all in Norman would surely have some appeal to the family as a whole. Another possibility is that Jeffcoat could step into the role of defensive coordinator at Houston, a job that is also currently available. One school that is no longer in the running for Jackson is USC after the departure of Pete Carroll and Ken Norton, Jr. The remaining finalists are Oklahoma, Houston, Arizona State, and Texas. As for the Longhorns, a blogger for Star Local News (whatever that is), opines that Jeffcoat is headed to Texas, based on a conversation with an anonymous source that never actually included said anonymous source making any confirmation of the Plano West star becoming a Longhorn other than a knowing smile accompanying the standard denial of said knowledge. So, yeah. The news is that the blogger did learn that the presumed future coach of Jeffcoat will be visiting Plano in the next several days and Mack Brown has not taken his in-home visit with the Jeffcoats yet and would have to do so within days to fit into the current timeframe of a week or so. However, it's also not clear if any of the other coaches have taken their in-home visits. With how little news has emerged throughout the process about Jackson's true feelilngs, it's almost hard to believe that he's approaching a final decision. In the Fox interview, Jeffcoat indicated that process hasn't been particularly stressful for him, unlike some other recruits, no doubt because of the intense protection his father has provided and the lockdown on information. And that lockdown makes all speculation concerning Jeffcoat's recruitment even more speculative than most than normal.

Coaching Changes May Impact Jackson Jeffcoat


An update on the recruitment of Jackson Jeffcoat, including information on how the coaching changes at Florida and USC may influence his eventual decisions, as well as where Jeffcoat stands with...

With Us Or Against Us: Texas Recruiting Momentum Continues


With the late commitments of DeMarco Cobbs, Darius White, and Mike Davis, the Longhorns have one of the best classes in the modern history of the program and could even add a few more players in...

The Valley Ranch Review: Demarcus Ware is Ready to Mentor, But Will He Be the Cowboys’ MVP?


Demarcus Ware will help rookies Victor Butler and Brandon Williams with their adjustments from college defensive ends to pro outside linebackers. Jim Jeffcoat's son will visit USC.

Dallas Cowboys news & notes (Wildcat edition)


Isaiah Stanback has suddenly become a popular guy with the media. The minute Jerry Jones mentioned the Cowboys would like to install a package that sounds very much like a Wildcat formation, two...

Rumblings Scouting Report: Houston DE Phillip Hunt


Buffalo Rumblings provides a scouting report, via the Houston Chronicle columnist Michael Murphy, on NFL Draft prospect DE Phillip Hunt.

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