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Trolling 101: Denver wins the Cutler Trade


The Denver Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, and when some Chicago Bears fans think about the Broncos, they think about the Jay Cutler trade in 2009.

Josh McDaniels removes himself from Browns' search


The latest name to be crossed off the list is the one that has long been speculated to be the favorite for the position, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


Even though the Chicago Bears will be home for the playoffs, I have to admit that this was a pretty spectacular NFL season. Here's my week 17 thoughts, and be sure to chime in with a few of your...

Jesus answers Tim Tebow's prayers. Broncos now face old coach Josh McDaniels


The Denver Broncos beat an injury-depleted Pittsburgh Steelers team Sunday night, forcing the rest of the country to suffer through another week of watching and listening to Tim Tebow pray. The...

Tim Tebow, Josh McDaniels a love match


New Denver Broncos quarterback had an instant attraction (in a football sense, I think) when he met coach Josh McDaniels at the scouting combine prior to the draft. As Tebow told the L.A. Times...

Oops! Josh McDaniels utters 'm-fer' on live TV


Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was not happy that his offense committed three false start penalties on one series in their 26-6 win Thanksgiving night against the New York Giants. So he let...

Josh McDaniels shows up in a hoodie


I almost feel sorry for Josh McDaniels. It seems like there's been a problem coming out of the Denver Broncos team every week since the guy took over. The latest isn't the home preseason loss to...


7up - Week 5 - Seven things to Ponder vs. The Patriots

It’s Week 5! Pondering time. Here are seven things to think about against the New England Patriots. If you don't know why there's seven, you're a rotten egg. Artwork provided by my...

The Next Coach of Arkansas Might Be... Phillip Fulmer?


Jeff Long, or someone working for him, has spoken to Phillip Fulmer about the Arkansas head coaching job according to a former Fulmer assistant.

A Bronco Worth Cheering For


Everybody sees Tim Tebow as the ultimate role model but just down the line of scrimmage is another Bronco who has overcome great adversity and gives Tebow a run for his money in the "all around good guy" competition

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